Android and Google: The Partnership

Is no big secret that Google has been leading the charge in the ever-changing world of the Internet through its partnership with the Android OS, affecting nearly all aspects of search engine optimization, web design, online marketing, and mobile media. Nearly any manufacturer of digital technology of any kind is paying stricter attention to the designs of their individual components, making sure that each type of technological gadget functions well with both Google and Android.

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A recent article in Business Week is quoting the director of the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin, as saying,“Every screen variant, mobile chip, and the sensor is known to man has been tuned to work with Android”. This is a pretty big statement from one of the most expert non-profits in the information and communications industry.

But why is Android so popular? As more and more consumers begin to depend on their smartphones for their day-to-day existence, the upsurge in the demand for consistently improving speed and functionality is increasing at an equally rapid rate. And Google’s Android OS is proving to have a more competitive edge over Apple iOS, its nearest competitor.

There are many different reasons why Android’s ruling the market. Android has an impressive reputation for developing a wide range of innovative apps that help to keep its millions of consumers consistently engaged with a lot of amazing features. Many of these apps are simply becoming a part of our normal daily professional and personal lives. Android apps are booming, and their developers are earning huge profits.

This may have been one of the immediate factors which drew Google and Android together, but both of these individual conglomerates also share the same basic business model: consistently improve functionality and user interface to provide more value to the consumer. The Android OS is the most user-friendly operating system on the market today, making it extremely easy for users to integrate other hardware devices with their mobile phones without negatively affecting its speed or performance.

Now Android has announced that the developers at Google are supporting the Bluetooth Smart technology, or Bluetooth Low Energy as it is sometimes called. This is going to push “the Internet of things” toward Android even faster. This is a stylish catchphrase that refers to our future world being interconnected with more and more smart devices and technology.

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Suke Jawanda of Bluetooth SIG is quoted as saying, “The native Android support for Bluetooth Smart Ready technology available in the coming months means Bluetooth Smart developers will have an easy way to connect their devices to and distribute their applications within the massive Android ecosystem.”

Imagine a world where nearly everything that we touch has a small micro sensor inside, allowing us to control nearly every aspect of our world virtually. These could be embedded in everything from roadways to pacemakers and used in every industry from retail to manufacturing. This is where Google and Android see our immediate future. And this partnership is determined to make it happen.

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