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Youtube for Android v5.1.10

If you want to watch YouTube videos from your Android device, there’s really only one way to go: the official YouTube app by Google. You can try other third-party apps or even the mobile YouTube site, but none of them compares to the official app’s feature set and stability. Heck, in some ways YouTube for Android’s mobile-specific functionality even surpasses the full desktop site.

As expected, the YouTube Android app is styled with the minimalist, card-based theme of Google’s other mobile products, like Google+ and Google Now. Thumbnail images are wide, and most of the interface is skinned in white and muted gray, save for the high-contrast menu bar on the left. Details like the pinned searchbar up top, HD-quality content (when available), and smooth scrolling throughout give the app a polished feel that makes it a pleasure to use. It’s even optimized for tablets, giving you even more screen real estate to watch and search.

The most obvious change with this version of Youtube is the interface. Google has introduced a slick metallic sheen to all of the menus, and as a result the entire app looks a lot nicer. The other big cosmetic change is the ability to watch videos in portrait mode. This was one of the biggest annoyances of the original version; searching was instinctively done whilst holding the phone normally, but whenever you started to play a video you would have to quickly turn the device 90 degrees into landscape view. Now, you can sample the clip without having to perform rapid hand gestures – although obviously, the landscape option is still there if you want it.

The best thing about the new portrait viewing mode is the massive amount of options you now have available during playback. You can swipe through relevant videos and comments at the bottom of the screen, and at the top there are handy shortcuts to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the clip, or even share it, add it to your favourites or give it a rating.

All of this can be done while playback is in process, and none of it slows down the performance or functionality of Youtube. In short, it all feels very slick and reliable – something that couldn’t always be said of the original Android edition of the app. To make things even better, you’ll find that handy little tips pop up at certain moments, informing you of other new improvements to the program. It’s clear that Google has spent an awful lot of time looking at how to improve the user experience here. The only real drawback of this new and improved Youtube app is that it requires Android 2.2 to function. Anyone on an older version of Google’s mobile OS is going to have to wait a little longer to experience the augmented interface.

Watching videos On Youtube App for Android -

Watching videos on the YouTube app is dead-simple if you’re at all familiar with the video site (and I’m sure you are). You can read or leave comments below the video, or simply give a video a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. One detail that’s really nice is the way the app keeps the video pinned to the top of the screen in portrait mode. This allows you to scroll through an endless list of comments while keeping your eye on what everyone is chirping about.

Youtube for android picture in pictureWith the YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode, you can browse other content while watching.


* Enjoy “what to watch” recommendations
* Find videos and channels with voice search and instant search suggestions
* Subscribe to your favorite channels for easy access from the guide
* Sign-in to access your playlists and “watch later” list
* Share videos via Google+, E-mail, Facebook and Twitter


The good: YouTube for Android has a clean, mostly white interface that matches the design of Google’s other mobile products. Stable performance and picture-in-picture are among its best attributes.

The bad: A smaller grid view for browsing videos would be nice. Also, continued playback even while outside of the YouTube app would allow for true multitasking.

The bottom line: With its solid performance, beautiful design, and nifty picture-in-picture, it’s hard to argue that there’s a better way to watch YouTube videos on your mobile device.

Lets Look at some screenshot of Pinterest on Mobile Interface :

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