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Winamp, one of the best and most powerful music media player for Android.  Winamp apk is android apk file package to install android based music media player on android powered mobile phone.

Released just in time for the MP3 revolution way back in 1997, this neat little program boasted a great interface, handled loads of different formats and was offered entirely free of charge. It’s since evolved to become a solid rival for iTunes, and is now also available for Android phone. Furthermore, it comfortably puts the other music playing apps available on the Android Market in the shade.

For many Android users, the stock music player is more than adequate – it may not look like much but it has all of the core features one expects from a mobile media app. The creators of Winamp know that this is a virtue and not a weakness and they’ve sensibly kept things simple, but at the same time introduced must-have elements which enrich the audio experience.

The interface is probably the most notable upgrade over the stock player. The playback controls remain on-screen pretty much wherever you are in the app – a small touch, but one that vastly improves the functionality of Winamp. Being able to control playback from any point is more useful than you might expect.

The good: Winamp for Android offers crisp sound quality and simple playback controls. The Wi-Fi sync feature is convenient, so long as your connection doesn’t get interrupted.

The bad: The interface is depressingly unattractive, and the Wi-Fi sync feature needs improvement.

The bottom line: If its Wi-Fi sync feature were better designed and more reliable, Winamp would be a worthwhile download. As it stands, it’s just a good music player that is not particularly impressive.

Winamp for Android offers an adequate, though not particularly outstanding, alternative to the stock music player on your mobile device. It is outfitted with standard music playback controls, including Shuffle and Repeat, and it lets you create playlists with your favorite tracks. Just as many other players do, Winamp lets you browse your music by Artist, Album, Genre, or Song Title, and it can generate links to artists’ bios, related news, discographies, and other information.

Visually, Winamp is drab and unimpressive, but when it comes to playback, it is reliable and offers sufficiently crisp sound quality.

One of Winamp’s biggest features is its Wi-Fi sync, which makes it possible to push content from your PC (with Winamp installed) to your Android device, using a common Wi-Fi connection. I found the process of syncing music between PC and mobile device to be simple to figure out, but not always reliable. On more than one occasion, the process froze due to an interrupted connection. This wouldn’t have been so bad, if the sync had resumed automatically upon reconnecting, but unfortunately, Winamp did no such thing. This made syncing a tedious process. Also, when transferring individual albums, I saw that several incomplete tracks had made their way onto my mobile device. When I tried to resend the albums, bunches of duplicate files were created.


Free Wireless Desktop Syncing :    Download the new Winamp for Mac Sync Beta or the Winamp Media Player for PCs to wirelessly sync to your desktop computer. Both desktop applications offer one-click iTunes library & playlist importing.

Persistent Player Controls :   Intuitive interface that offers consistent access to player controls, the Winamp home screen & the play queue — a temporary track listing that you can easily manage, sort or save as a playlist.

SHOUTcast Radio : Extend your listening experience beyond your own library. Discover over 45,000 internet radio stations. Search or browse by featured stations, top stations, all genres or recently played.

Widget Player & Shortcuts : Add playlists or one of the widget players to the Android home screen. Enable playback control from the lock-screen.

Now Playing : Displays song info, swipe-able album art & more. Tap to reveal additional features like artist bios, news, & photos. Integrates with other installed apps on your device (e.g. Pandora, YouTube and & Some general features are as under …

  • Now Syncs with Winamp for Mac Sync Beta
  • One-Click iTunes Library Import
  • Free Wireless Syncing
  • SHOUTcast Radio & Free Music
  • Lock-Screen & Widget Players
  • Playlist & Play Queue Management
  • Artist Info Bios, News & More
  • Available in 14 Languages

Winamp Pro Bundle Available As An In-App Purchase :

Graphic Equalizer : Optimize how your audio sounds with the 10-band graphic EQ. Load a preset or adjust the settings to create your own.

Enriched Audio :  The native Winamp playback engine offers enriched audio playback including FLAC playback from the Browse by Folders navigation.

Customizable Home Screen : Move and rearrange the Winamp home screen button to fit your needs. Also add your favorite SHOUTcast station or playlist for quick playback.

Browse By Folders :  In addition to browsing your music by Genres, Songs, Albums, & Artists; you can now browse and manage playback directly from your system folders.

Extra SHOUTcast Features : Play any streaming audio URL (supported formats only) by manually entering the station or file address. Get personalized station recommendations based off of your music library.


Winamp Support many media files which includes AAC, IT, MOD, NST, STM, AIF, ITZ, MP1, NSV, STZ, AIFF, KAR, MP2, OGG, ULT, AMF, M2V, MP3, OKT, FLAC, VLB, MP3, M3U, M3U8, PLS, ASF, M4A, MP4, PTM, WAV, AU, MDZ, MPEG, RMI, WMA, AVI, MID, MPG, S3M, WMV, CDA, MIDI, MTM, S3Z, XM, FAR, MIZ, NSA, SND, WEBM, FLV, M4V *, MKV, SWF, W64, 669, VOC, B4S, ASX, WPL file extension.


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