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Ulysse Speedometer .apk is android apk package to download and install Ulysse Speedometer on android mobile phone. Ulysse Speedometer is The most advanced and intuitive Speedometer and Car Dashboard application that helps you drive safely. It provides a High-accuracy* GPS-based speedometer that shows the real speed of your car in mph, km/h or knots. And for each speed unit you can define an individual gauge range.

Ulysse Speedometer is the most outstanding speedos app for android. It is the most advanced speedmeter that can keeps up your total travel time/distance/average speed. It is far better than similar speedos in many ways, from the basic feature, advanced feature and user experience.

The interface is optimized for using in the car. And there are lots of handy shot cuts like direct phone calls, navigation. I think the contact short cut is very helpful, you can call any person right from Speedometer in single touch. This app offers lots of good information, current speed, average speed, travel distance, location by GPS, current phone battery, time and date.

Besides, Ulysse Speedometer can warn you about possible speeding violation. It is super lightweight in size and won’t take up much of your SD card. It runs very smoothly and intuitively. Well, i really think such a good app should charge. But indeed, it is totally free. It’s the best speedos app I’ ve seen.

Features :

• Speed Edge GPS Speedometer : High-accuracy* GPS-based speedometer that shows the real speed of your car in mph, km/h or knots. And for each speed unit you can define an individual gauge range.

• Maximum indicated speed is 1900 km/h / 1160 mph / 1000 knots.  • Multiple Profiles.

• Speedometer overlay : Small speedometer stays on the top of any active application. “Try It” mode for 2 weeks. Unlimited in Pro.

• Switchboard : Provides fast menu for speed units, activate HUD and more. Tap the Speedometer scale to activate it.

• Fast app : Assign any application to start on GPS indicator tap (3 applications in Pro). Call your favorit Navigation or player just in two taps!

• Three shortcut pages : Application, Communication, Navigation for a total 18 user-defined application shortcuts (36 in Pro version).

• Average Speedometer : Tap Compass to switch to Average Speedometer, long press resets Average Speedometer for new measurement.

• Speed warnings : You can define up to 10 speed limits. The application will notify you visually and with an alert sound when you go over any of them

• GPS Compass : Insensitive to electromagnetic fields and the iron of your car.

• GPS Altitude : Reports altitude, measured by your phones GPS.

• HUD mode : Mirrors the numbers so you can place your phone under your car’s windshield and see the speed reflected on it in the dark.

• Racing meter : Measure and calculate time for standard performance measurement distances: 0-100 km/h, 0-60 mph and for 1/4 mile.

• Log different trip parameters : Display time and distance for current trip, accumulated time and distance for all current trips, yesterday, last week and last month.

• Trip Meters : You can also save any Meter on SD, or send it by e-Mail (Pro only).

• Separate limits settings for km/h and mph units : You can easily switch all limit settings when traveling beyond the border of your country.

• Customizable UI color & Battery status indication  • Car dock support : Application automatically starts and exits on docking and undocking.

• Car Mode Home : Activate Speedometer using HOME button when phone in Car Mode. You also can use “Forced” mode if your car dock doesn’t handles autoswitch into Car Mode.

• Background mode : When activated, the application still works in the background. All logs keep counting time and distance and the application will notify you when you exceed the speed limit as usual.

• Display speed in status bar : In background mode, the application will show current speed in the status bar and even gives visual notification for speed limits! **

* depends on phone hardware.
** in case of system overloading, a small lag is possible.

How to Sync Ulysse Speedometer APK with Google Account ?

Most android user want to sync android apps with their google account. Of course also includes Ulysse Speedometer APK. But how to easily Sync Ulysse Speedometer Android Apps with Google Account? In fact, it is easy to sync Ulysse Speedometer APK with google account. You just need to download and install a android sync apps

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