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Royal gems is android arcade style games. Here we have royal gems apk file for android. If you are looking for some best timepass game for android Royal Gems was perfect for you. Sound& Graphics was amazing. Royal Gems initially appears to be a lovely, bright match-three game that will suck away all of your free time like so many other games have been able to do. While the terms “lovely” and “bright” certainly do apply to the final product, Royal Gems unfortunately offers a disappointing experience that feels more like a Facebook game than a PC download title.

Capture countless gems to claim the kings’ bounties as your own in Royal Gems, a dazzling and addictive match 3 game! Use your keen and quick wit to spot required configurations and unlock bonuses. At the completion of each new challenge, earn colorful crystals to buy upgrades in the shop. Spells are at your disposal for even more points. As you go deep into the world of sparkling gems and royal bounty, you can’t resist the attraction of growing your colorful treasure more and more. Keep your slot machine full for continuous upgrades! Feel the glow of amassing a plentiful bounty for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Royal Gems today!

Royal Gems comes with nothing in the way of storyline or characters. It’s simply you and a list of dozens of levels, each of which has three stars to earn as you play. Each level also comes with a series of tasks to complete, with some being easier than others. In each stage, matches are made by clicking and dragging to form lines across matching, touching symbols, but matches can only be made horizontally and vertically (that is, diagonal matches aren’t allowed). Adding to this simplistic setup is the inability to make your next match while the animation from the previous match is still active, so speed really isn’t available here.

Royal Gems Play Interface Screen

While each stage may technically have different goals, they all still feel almost identical, since most simply ask you to activate power-ups by creating specific shapes with the gems you match. You may be required to make a power-up using a straight line of four gems, or a power using an L shape, as examples. Instead of being offered in a 1:1 ratio, you’ll instead need to create four of these same shaped matches before activating a single power-up on the board, so levels requiring the formation and activation of these power-ups in bulk can be incredibly difficult to complete.

While most levels aren’t timed, they do come with move counters, giving you only a varying amount of available moves to complete that specific level’s tasks. If you fail to complete one or more tasks before you run out of moves, you’ll still pass the level, and can even easily earn two of the three stars available in that stage, making me question what the purpose of these tasks is at all.


  • Bright gems. Very simple for those looking for simplicity.


  • Boring. Little level variety. Overly simple for those looking for a challenge.

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