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Paranoid Android 2.99 BetaNINE For Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

Paranoid Android has been a very popular choice for many flash enthusiasts as it combines a clean vanilla Android experience with the latest version of Android and a new way of customization. This ROM is designed from the inside out to take advantage of all the screen real estate on your phone, so if you have a big display and high resolution then this ROM is really well suited for you.

Paranoid Android is a popular choice for many android users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300, and version 2.99 has gotten much better. In addition, Pararanoid Android uses AOSP as it’s base instead of CM10 like the past iterations. It still keeps the flagship per app DPI and per app color feature, but presents them in a much more clean design

Paranoid Android

With normal phablet UI enabled in the Paranoid settings, you get a medium DPI and and the notifications tray and navigation bar are like on a Nexus phone. The notification tray can be accessed by pulling down from the top left, and the new settings tray in Jelly Bean 4.2.1 is available by pulling down from the top right. The navigation down at the bottom features the same three button software layout you are used to. On the Nexus 7, the phablet UI is just like it is stock. When moving into the phone UI, things become much smaller and the notification tray takes up the whole screen now. To access settings, you will need to either swipe down from the top with two fingers or press the settings icon in the notifications tray. Honestly, on the Nexus 7 I wouldn’t recommend the phone UI. In the final tablet mode, you get all of your trays on the bottom, where the navigation is on the left side and the notifications and settings is on the right. You can access settings by pressing the time and date/settings icon at the top of the notification tray. The other tablet mode (mid) which is set at 180 DPI I think suits the Nexus 7 quite well. If you need a bit more work space than the phablet UI than this is the mode for you.

Last but certainly not least is the new PIE controls. This is a little half circle that is situated at the side of the screen where you can access all your important settings without the need to take up any space on the screen when not in use. Simply swipe from the side you have selected and slide your finger along the PIE interface to select what you need. If you slide past the buttons you will see that there are two lines that light up when you have your finger over them. One of these is for the notifications tray and the other is the settings tray that will fill up the screen and slide in from the left side. All of this is however dependent on what orientation you are using and where you chose the PIE controls to show. Also, you might notice the white dots at the edge of each side. If you slide your finger to one of these, you can easily change the orientation of the radial PIE control. More on how to enable this later


> Rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 with Clockwork Recovery Mod

> Download the ROM from :   HERE  (155.74 MB)

> Download GApps from : HERE   (189 MB)


  1. Transfer the files from your computer to device (remember where they are!)
  2. Remove the USB cable
  3. Boot into recovery mode by holding volume up, home button, and power button
  4. If you are coming from a different ROM, wipe all user data and cache
  5. Navigate to Install Zip > Install Zip from Internal SD card > Navigate to where you downloaded the ROM file > Select
  6. Navigate to Install Zip > Install Zip from Internal SD card > Navigate to where you downloaded the Google apps file > Select
  7. Your done! Reboot and enjoy!


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