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LG G Flex with the Curved Screen and the Technology (Self-Healing)

LG Company is moving at a steady pace toward finding a remarkable place in the world of smart phones. The company, which did not have a great public interest and attention in their phones two years ago, has become to be a special company which succeeded in drawing strong attention to its high developed phones which have unique specifications, and it seems that LG began to succeed in moving the same hard way, which was preceded by Samsung. This road includes lots and lots of research and development, and a lot of good marketing and appropriate public approach.

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LG G Flex Phone with the screen curved feature was announced recently by the company. It may be a matter of dispute about the feasibility of curvature of the screen, but without a doubt, this point offers a large push and progress for the company to make the way toward more innovation and improvements which will be coming in the near future, especially after it was discovered that the entire phone) cab be partly folded, and this means that the company put itself at the beginning of the road which will lead to entirely new technologies in the future.

The company released the first video advertisement for this unique Smartphone, and the two ads are presented in the Korean language since the device is still limited to the South Korean market until this moment. The first ad focuses on the curved screen and the cinematic experience which is provided by this device while watching movies. for video please click here

However, the second video ( Click Here for Review Video of LG G Flex ) reviews a feature which simply caught the attention of everyone with the announcement of the phone, and everyone was looking forward to see how effective this feature is. This feature is the ability of “Self Healing” which is part of the back cover of the phone, and this feature which allows the back cover repair scratches and hide these scratches automatically during the two or three minutes. This plastic has the ability to repair itself using a new sophisticated technique which is brought by LG Company to the world of the Smart phones for the first time. The video presents a comparison between the self-Healing plastic used in the smart phone LG G Flex and plain plastic which is normally used in other smart phones, where the two pieces of plastic are being scratched for several times, but the results were different.

In addition, LG Company has announced another three new accessories for the device.  The first is the Quick Window cover similar to the LG G2 phone cover. This cover provides a small window which allows the user to see some summary information without opening the phone. The second is a cover to protect the back-side of the phone. And the third is a flash memory with the capacity of 16 GB, and it is mainly characterized with the possibility of easily connected to the phone since it supports OTG technology in it, and it can be  connected to the computer as well as any other ordinary memory.

Moreover, LG Company mentioned that the device will be available in a few days in Korean Market at the price equivalent to $ 940, but it is believed that this price specially for the Korean market, where it is hoped that the phone will be available in the world markets soon with a price similar to other phones with similar specifications.

LG G Flex a flexible mobile phone is an Android Jelly bean device “Phablet” with a six-inch curved display. This six-inch display, with 1280 x 720p plastic OLED (Organic LED technology), with a 3,500 mAh curved battery which has high technology material suitable for the folding feature, 2 GB RAM, a front camera of 13-megapixel and a back camera of 2.1 megapixel simply make this Smartphone a unique piece presented in the world of Smartphone.  Also, from the old design of LG Smartphone, the power and volume buttons were moved to the back of the device. With the six-inch huge screen and the “Dual Mode”, it is easy o split the screen of this device in order to multi task in the same time. However, these initial features simply open a great potential for this device in the future which promotes it to support different unique feature begin developed while you read this article. Finally, LG Company presented that the curved technology presented in this Smartphone may be the first step to move it to the TV and Computer Screens. Quoting from the public opinions, this phone resembles the power of Wolverine (Hero in X-Men Movie) and his ability to heal himself, and this device strongly got the attention simply as Wolverine does, and may be the beginning of long history of high sophisticated Smartphone.

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