Disabling the camera shutter sounds in Android Device

Is it possible to Disable / Turn off Camera Click Shutter Sound in Android Device such as Android Mobile or Android Tablet pc ? Lets have one answer of related question to make you aware about. If You are Looking for MUTE Camera Sound here is the answer for your HOW TO Question…

Turn off muter camera shutter sound android

I have a question regarding my rooted (with Odin 3.07) Note 3 on v.4.4.2. Other than putting the phone into mute, how else can I turn off the annoying camera shutter sound? Presumably, it is possible now that my phone is rooted?”


nswer : The camera shutter sound is enabled in many jurisdictions for legal reasons which means that the Note 3 has an option to turn off the sounds in some countries, but not in others. It would also seem that with the Note 3 even changing the system sounds on a rooted device to silent ones does not work so there are some quite heavy safeguards in place. You do, however, have a couple of options open to you. As you said, when you mute the device’s sound, taking a snap should not result in any audible sound – but even this has been proven to fail at times so we will jump to a more focused solution instead. Go to Google Play and download Ultimate Sound Control, which is designed to let you control many system sounds with ease and most reviews suggest that it works well. For those reading who do not own a rooted device, there is an app available at below given external APK hosting server links, that is designed specifically for the camera shutter sound. This is an unusual restriction for any Android device and it seems that it has been enforced rather harshly on the Note 3, but yet again there are always options and solutions open to you on Android devices that are not available on other platforms. Enjoy your new silent snaps.




Download from External APK Server 1

Download from External APK Server 2



Disclaimer :
– In some places, muting your camera shutter isn’t permitted. Please obey local laws. By installing Camera Mute, you agree that the author of the application will not be held responsible in any actions that you make.

Compatibility :
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Stock Camera)
– Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Stock Camera)
– Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Stock Camera)
– Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Stock Camera)
– Samsung Galaxy S2 (Stock Camera)
– Samsung Galaxy S3 (Stock Camera)
– Samsung Galaxy S4 (Stock Camera)
– Samsung Grand (Stock Camera)
– Lenovo P780 (Super Camera)
– N 900
– Sprint S4
– Huawei Ascend D1 XL (Stock Camera)
– And some more also supported but not listed over here

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