Minimalistic Text 3.1.1 Android App apk Download

Minimalistic Text 3.1.1 Android App Apk Free Download


You can spend a long, long time looking for the perfect at-a-glance Android widget, with just the right calendar, weather, time, and date information—and maybe battery level,too. Or you can design your own, down to the smallest detail, with Minimalistic Text.!

Here We Present to you Minimalistic Text for widget App. Minimalistic Text is an apt name, as the app’s defaults are very basic: a translucent black bar, with whatever text you want included. That “text” can be the time, written out or in numbers, military or 12-hour format, and the same goes for the date, weather variables, battery level, and other indicators (including support for popular scheduling apps Tasker and Locale). You decide the exact size of the widget, how many rows of text go onto each widget, and exactly how the text looks. With just a few minutes, I had a nice four-part widget up on my home screen.

If you love using widgets and enjoy the look of a nice, simple, clean looking home screen you won’t want to delay the download of Minimalistic Text any further. This widget, which is really 11 different widgets in one, allows you to display a variety of different information on their home screen in text form. Whether you want to display the time, date, temperature, weather, or battery percentage on your screen you can do so easily with this application.

Minimalistic Text allows near-complete control of the design of the widgets, ranging from widget size, text direction, alignment, color, and nearly anything else you could think of. There are a bunch of preset designs layouts, but they don’t limit you to use only those, users can create a custom layout with the information of their choice and have that displayed instead. Once the widgets are set, simply clicking on them allows them to be changed again, so if you want to change the text size, color, background or anything else. For the amazing price of free in the Android market, this is an application that many will find use for, as there is a widget for just about everyone in it. Download links available after the break.

Minimalistic Text knows 4 sources of information:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Battery
  • Weather

These information sources provide a set of variables that can be used in the widget configuration to build up your very own widget.


★ What’s New :

– improved icon text stability
– Translation updates
– Double-Tap feature
– Translation updates

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