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Latest News about Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and Eye Scanning

Samsung have revealed the new Galaxy Grand 2, which is the new generation of its phone which was launched last year and which carries the same name. The new phone is presented with a large screen and medium specifications.

The phone “Galaxy Grand 2”is provided with massive big screen measuring of 5.2 inches with 720p and LCD type with density of 280 pixels per inch, and the phone functions with a quad-core processor of frequency of 1.2 GHz, and of a type that was not specified by Samsung. The device also comes with 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal space storage and support for cards microSD.

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Samsung announces Galaxy Grand 2: The Phone with a large screen and medium specifications

The front camera is 1.9 megapixels, and the rear camera is 8 megapixels, and the device is provided with a battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh. Samsung says it is enough to run 10 hours of video or 17 hours of calls, and also the device is available as dual-sim Smartphone.

The device Galaxy Grand 2 combines in the outer shape between the phone Galaxy S4 and Note 3, as it has the same back-end with a texture skin in Note 3, and works programmatically copy of Android 4.3 with the interfaces of TouchWiz which is an usual feature in Samsung with other features that we’ve seen in the latest Smatphones presented by the company such as the features Story Album, S Translator, S Travel and others.

The phone will be available in black and white in (certain areas) as the company cleared out, and Samsung did not announce the date of releasing it in the market nor the countries that will be available in, and did not present any information regarding the price yet, but is expected that the price is ranging between 300 to 400 dollars same as the phone of the last year.

If you want a phone with a large screen and good accuracy at an average price, it may be Galaxy Grand 2 is the perfect phone for you.

Samsung may use the technique to open the phone using the “Eye Scanner” feature in the Galaxy S5

There was some leaked information that Samsung has applied for a patent for the technology that allows unlocking the phone by scanning the iris of the eye, which is much more accurate than the fingerprint technology that we’ve seen previously in devices such as Motrrola Artix or HTC One Max and even iPhone 5S.

The technology of eye scan or rather the iris’ scan of the eye, to be more precise, will be by a sensitive optical which sends radiation to read the iris prints (the principle is similar to the photography of a camera to the eye) and then bringing the information to the phone which is received by a light receiver and compare it with the information of the iris which is stored in the phone in order to unlock the device if the information is matched, and it all this process is implemented only in a few seconds.

And it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S5 is provided with this technique if the information is true, especially after Samsung getting the “OK” on using this technology which will give them the right to use it in its coming Smartphones.

There was a debate about this technology when the information brought to the audience, and how this type of technology will serve in the future. It is believed that this technology will bring a new whole generation of Smartphones and perhaps far from Smartphones to other devices, but the main opinion that such a complex technology will certainly put Samsung up high among all the rivals in this field, and perhaps there will be new type of Android applications produced to work with this technology.

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