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KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text 4.7.1


KakaoTalk 4.7.1 is a free mobile Instant messaging application for smartphones with free text and free call features. It was launched on 11 November, 2014 and is currently available on iOS, Android, Bada OS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia Asha and Personal Computer. KakaoTalk currently has 140 million users and is available in 15 languages. The app is also used by 93% of smartphone owners in South Korea.

In addition to free calls and messages, KakaoTalk users can share diverse content and information including photos, videos, voice messages, location, URL links as well as contact information. Both one-on-one and group chats are available over Wifi or 3G, and there are no limits to the number of friends who can join in on a group chat.

Kakaotalk allows you to find your friends by their names, bookmark friends, add new friends by ID, export and imports Friends List to your e-mail account, group chatting or multimedia sending, among others. It’s available in English, Japanese and Korean so far. We are missing though more languages. Until that issue won’t be solved, it will be a burden to spread the use of KakaoTalk around the world.

The interface is simple but it makes it easier to understand. Actually it’s similar to Whatsapp’s interface but a high standard finish (colored, good-looking speech balloons, larger profile pictures). The problem of this kind of apps is that it depends on the amount of people are using it, that’s it, its spreading capability among the Android/iPhone users. The challenge of KakaoTalk (as many other similar apps) is to take the public and it will be by offering the best features and the most friendly-user interface (and if all of this is for free, even better!). In that sense, we are missing the possibility to link/integrate all these platforms, that’s it, to chat from KakaoTalk with Whatsapp or Pingchat users.

KakaoTalk automatically synchronizes the user’s contact list on their smartphones with the contact list on KakaoTalk to find friends who are on the service. Users can also search friends by KakaoTalk ID without having to know each other’s phone number. The KakaoTalk service also allows its users to export their messages and save them for future reference

We believe in delivering the best value to our users. With KakaoTalk, KakaoStory and more, we are helping people stay close and connected around the world. Equipped with a strong user base and network capacity, we are leading the way in innovating how people communicate today and have successfully evolved into a mobile social platform. Our success in the arena of digital content, business marketing, commerce and game platform optimized for mobile devices has brought us into the global spotlight.

Our mission is to create and maintain a sound mobile ecosystem in which all our stakeholders including smartphone users, app developers and content providers can grow together. As we embark on this journey, we are committed to fulfilling the needs for communication across a vast array of business areas by matching supply with demand. We will continue to work hard until the day when we can thrive together with one million partners on our platform.

Key Features:

- FAST: Speedy & reliable messaging no matter what your network
– FREE CHATS: FREE messages & multimedia (photos, videos, voice notes)
– FREE CALLS: High-quality voice calls (1:1 and group)
– EMOTICONS: Express it all with our included emoticons PLUS select from endless sticker collections in our Item Store
– GROUP CHAT: Chats with an unlimited number of friends
– PLUS FRIEND: Exclusive coupons & deals from your favorite brands
– VOICE FILTER: Fun free calls with Talking Tom & Ben’s voice filters

Other Amazing Features:

– Share your location
– Add friends using BlackBerry PIN
– See who read your messages (unread count)
– Multitask during free calls (send messages in other chat rooms)
– Schedule appointments, lunches, gatherings (w/ reminders)
– Use KakaoTalk on any smartphone and PC (multi-platform)
– Have even more fun with Kakao mobile games



Personalize Your Experience :-

Make your KakaoTalk theme authentically you by choosing your favorite images.

Customized :-

Create a unique look and feel that is all your own. With the custom theme feature, you can transform your wallpaper, chat bubbles, font, color scheme and more. Or, browse our KakaoTalk Themes in an array of styles offered in our Item Store.




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