Google's New Android L mobile OS

Introducing Android L, Google’s next mobile OS

Google unveiled the next version of Android, for now known only as Android L, at I/O 2014. Although a developer preview is available now, Android L won’t be available to consumers until the autumn.

For now known only as ‘L’, the next version of Android is Google’s biggest Android update yet

Material design
Google has revealed a new design language for Android L called ‘Material’. It’s a lot cleaner, and developers can make use of it in apps. The Roboto font can also be used anywhere. Elements can be given depth, so shadows and light sources affect user interface elements in real time. App interfaces will feature touches of colour automatically generated based on the content, and there are new animations and touch feedback.

Enhanced notifications
Android L will make notifications even better than ever. For starters, you can get notifi cations on the lock screen — and they will be automatically ordered in priority. You will be able to swipe them away like normal or double-tap to open the relevant app.

Google said security is a key element for Android and its users. A new feature will enable users to unlock their smartphone when physically near enough a device such as an Android Wear smartwatch. It’s a bit like cars with keyless entry.

Battery life
Better battery life is something we always want and Google promises that Android L will bring it via a new power-saving mode. Project Volta will allow developers to identify how their apps are using battery so they make improvements. Google said that the new battery saving mode will give a Nexus 5 an extra 90 minutes of power.

As we expected, Android L will support 64-bit processors and it will also support the ART software library, which Google says will be twice as fast as Dalvik.


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