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Google+ .apk file is for download android based package of google plus for your android based mobile phone & tablet pc. Here we have the latest update version .apk file for free download. Once you find and install the free app, just sign in using your Google account, if it’s not already synced to the phone. If it is synced, you can select it from a list after firing up the app. Note that you must already have Google+ access in order to use the app, so if you haven’t received an invitation yet, hang tight until you do.

Like Facebook’s mobile app, the mobile version of Google+ orients you with a landing screen that shows the main components in a grid, their icons and single-word descriptors helping you choose how you’ll use the app. Google+’s icons are not yet as well known as Facebook’s, so the names printed below them help a great deal: Stream, Huddle, Photos, Profile, and Circles. If you didn’t guess what you can do by the name of the tool, at least you’ll be mildly intrigued to dive in and find out.

Any social networking user will be familiar with words like “stream” (updates from your contacts), “profile” (information about you) and “photos.” And if you’ve used the Google+ site, you’ve likely already established Circles, or subsets of your connections, grouped by whatever classification you want to create, such as close friends, co-workers, extended family, and so forth.

Notably missing in the mobile app is the Hangout feature, or video group chat, which is Web-only. Replacing it is Huddle, a group instant messaging tool. To use Google+’s Huddle, select Huddle and click the speech bubble icon at the top right to start a new chat. Alternatively in Android, you can go directly to the Huddle app that automatically installs when you first downloaded the Google+ mobile app. In Huddle, you can invite individuals to group chat with you or an entire Circle. As people are invited, their profile pictures appear in a strip at the top, giving you the ability to quickly see who’s there. Six images fit easily in that banner at the top, and when more people are invited, the strip become scrollable. This visual presentation of who has been invited to a Huddle is excellent.

Stream is similar to a Facebook news feed where you’ll see all of your status updates, links, photos, videos, and everything else shared with you by your friends. The quick access bar at the top has three icons that allow you to check in, post a photo (existing or from an album), or write a status update. You can also add your location if you wish.

Huddle is group chat, and can potentially take the place of your phone’s built-in messaging app if all of your friends and colleagues are using Google+. At first glance it looks just like a plain old text messaging app, but Huddle is much more than that. It has the standard push notifications that you would expect from a text messaging app, but it allows you to send messages up to fifty people at once, by name or by circle. You can even add more folks to the huddle in midstream if you like, and Google+ helpfully warns you that they will be able to see the entire conversation history for that particular Huddle once they accept the invitation and join.

You enter a description of yourself into your Profile. It similar to what you’re likely familiar with from other social-networking services: an image of yourself (or an icon if you prefer) where you’ve worked, what school you went to, that sort of thing.

The final entry is Circles. This part of the app has two main divisions. The Circles tab lists all of your circles; tapping on any one of them takes you to a screen with three tabs at the bottom for People, Posts, and Photos. The People tab lists all of the people you’ve added to a particular circle; the Posts tab filters your stream by that circle so you get more targeted posts, and the Photos tab allows you to browse through all of the photos shared by the people in that particular circle.

The other half of the Circles category is People, and that’s where you’ll see a list of all of the people already in your circles, along with a list of which circles each one is in. Tap on a person’s name to see their Google Profile, the posts they’ve made, and the photos they’ve shared. It reminds me of the enhanced contact view on HTC devices, if you’re familiar with HTC Sense.

  • Pros : Free. Clean and smart design. Easy to navigate. Easy to learn. Automatically includes a separate app for Huddle (group chat).
  • Cons :  No administrative controls in Huddle. Not all thumbnail images resize and display properly.
  • Bottom Line :  Social networks need mobile apps to thrive, and Google+’s is a fine start, tapping into conventions established by other online social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, while finding some of its own strengths at the same time.

Google+ App Screenshot for Tablet Interface

Google+ App Screenshot for Mobile Interface

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