Download Wordament 2.8.1 Android Game Apk

Download Wordament 2.8.1 Android Game Apk for Android


Looking for Download Latest Wordament game for android ? Latest Update of Wordament is 2.8.1 which is release on July 29, 2014. WordamentTM for android is a unique kind of word game—a word tournament—where you are competing with the whole internet to be the best word searcher in every game. Every player is competing on the same board, in real time, to get the highest score. Will you be the Wordament champion?

Although each round of Wordament lasts 2:45, the actual word search portion is two minutes. The remaining time is dedicated to showing your individual results following by the rankings for everyone that participated in a given game. Words in the game have been checked for legitimacy across a variety of English dictionaries and no words are illegal. If you can find the word on the board—and it’s a real word—you will receive points for it.

Game Objective :

Be the player that finishes with the highest score in a 2:00 game of word search by finding as many high scoring words as you can. Score points by creating words from a 4×4 board of letters and your final score is tallied by adding together the sum of your individual word scores.

Scoring :

Your final score consists of the sum of your individual word scores during play. Each word is scored in two parts: the value of the individual tiles used and a word length multiplier. When you collect a word, the game adds up the value of each tile. Then, that score is multiplied by a word length bonus as follows:

  • Words with 4 or 5 tiles are worth one-and-a-half more
  • Words with 6 or 7 tiles are worth double
  • Words with 8 or more tiles are worth triple

Wordament Game play tips :

  • For highest scores, look for words with high value tiles and long words first.
  • The Qu tile counts as two letters, making it easier to make long words, meaning a higher bonus multiplier.
  • Every tile on the board is possible to use in at least one word. Singular and plural versions, as well as different tenses, prefixes, and suffixes of the same word each count as independent words, so rack up word variants, when possible (e.g., JUMP, JUMPS, and JUMPED are each considered unique).
  • Heteronyms–words spelled the same but with different meanings or pronunciations (e.g., BASS the fish vs. BASS the instrument)–are only counted once.
  • Every game board has at least 45 common English words and as many as 200 total words, included rare, obscure, or slang words.
  • Guessing is penalized with a one second delay in accepting new words. A guess is defined as attempting to enter multiple incorrect words in a row.

Wordament game playWordament How to playHow to Play Wordament Game ? ( Examples of play ) Words may be collected by placing your finger on any letter that starts a word and then dragging to each adjacent letter until you’ve completed the word. For examples of legal plays, consider the following sample board: First, consider the legal word S-P-E-D, along the left side. You would put your finger on the S, followed by dragging down through the P, E, and D, and then lifting your finger. SPED is a common word and worth 14 points.


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