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With its completely revamped interface, TuneIn Radio Pro for Android makes it easier than ever to listen to streaming radio while you’re on the move. Not to be confused with an algorithm-driven service like Pandora, TuneIn lets you listen in on more than 70,000 AM/FM and Internet stations, plus 2 million on-demand programs from around the globe. It is, quite frankly, the best such streaming-radio app I’ve used. There is also a free (non-Pro) version of the app, but the Pro version, with its DVR-like functions, is well worth the 99 cents.

From the Browse page, you can browse through local radio, recommended stations, different language offerings, sports stations like ESPN, podcasts, and so much more. Tap the Music button, and you’ll get an exhaustive list of categories like Classical, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Oldies. No matter which path you choose, you will be impressed by the number of different stations available through the app.

If you haven’t installed TuneIn on your mobile device yet, you’re missing out. This app lets you browse, search and listen to 70,000 live terrestrial and Internet radio stations from around the world. TuneIn also includes a couple of million podcasts. TuneIn is an online radio streaming app which offers the access of more than 10 million national or international radio channels. The user interface of TuneIn app is very smooth & user friendly it is one of the best online radio app available at play store. Perhaps you can easily listening the live concerts or shows wherever you are whenever you want you just need a running internet connection 3G or Wi-Fi would be the best choice for enjoying the phenomenal experience. You can search your favorite radio station, program, show or concert by following keywords for instance; name, location, genre etc. You can browse your favorite sports & can play the game without any interruption. You can add upcoming match or concert into your Tune-in calendar to receive reminders; by this you never miss a single play. Every time you play a channel the tune-in app automatically show you suggestions of similar channels. In addition after tune your desired channel if you like to share the playing track or show with your friends you can simply share it at Facebook, twitter, Google plus or via email. The playing station also gives you the album art of playing track or some times it shows you the link of mp3, video or album for purchase from Amazon.

TuneIn Radio Pro offers a number of ways to find radio stations. I was in the mood for NBA Playoff talk, so I tapped the Explore icon, which launched a list of radio categories like News, Technology, and of course Sports. You can also browse a list of categories that include Top Podcasts, Trending, Location, and Language, or perform a keyword search.

When you find an interesting station, you can bookmark it by tapping the station’s Follow icon. Yes, the Follow icon, which was once known as the Favorite icon. That simple change in terminology—a more social terminology—may confuse long-time TuneIn Radio Pro users who are accustomed to the idea of marking favorites.

Content and Audio Quality :I discovered stations and genres that I didn’t know existed, such as SomaFM: Secret Agent (which streams mysterious tunes that would sound appropriate in a James Bond flick). Of course, there are also tons of stations with American music (Top 40, Hip Hop, etc.) and talk (Mike & Mike in the Morning). Sports talk radio is well-represented, by dedicated NCAA college radio stations and general sports talk stations. If you want to listen to live games, however, you’ll need to subscribe to a league’s streaming service plan, as some content is blocked (TuneIn Radio Pro usually suggests an alternative). You can also listen to podcasts that live-stream, such as TWiT.

Extra Features : The Location tab opens a map of North America, with my current location, New York City, highlighted. In my testing, I saw a number of other locations with red pins stuck in them, too, designating cities with streaming station. These cities included the likes of Austin, Colorado Springs, Juarez, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Montreal, San Francisco, and Tampico.

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