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SoundHound apk file is android package to download & Install soundhound on android mobile phone device. Here we have the latest update release with version soundhound 6.1.2 of the date July 4, 2014. SoundHound is an awesome app, very much like Shazam, which can listen to and identify music; however SoundHound goes a step farther by allowing you to identify songs by singing it, humming the tune, typing or speaking into the phone! Available for both Android and iPhone, once a song is tagged you get access to a lot of info about the artist including bio, related songs, and videos, option to buy the song with link to Amazon MP3 store, social sharing options, and lyrics if available. If you’re having trouble naming that tune, just fire up SoundHound to speak, sing, hum, or type out a song for the music-identification service to identify. The app is available in both a free version and a paid, ad-free version dubbed SoundHound Infinity.

soundhound android apps apk file

The free version of the app gives you up to 5 tags a month when you allow it to listen, you sing or hum for identification but typing in or voice searching the song title are unlimited. Opting for the paid version, SoundHound ∞ (Infinity), is a one time free of $4.99 with unlimited tagging and no ads. Right when you open SoundHound, you’ll see the big orange button up top. This is the key to the app’s primary function. Give the button a single tap, place your mobile device up to a music source (or as close as you can get), and watch as SoundHound searches its enormous database for a match. You can put your device directly onto a speaker or just drop it on your passenger seat while your radio is playing. In either scenario, SoundHound should be able to do its job so long as the volume of the source isn’t too low or too loud and distorted. Typically, the app needs between 3 and 10 seconds of “listening” in order to bring back any search results.

In my tests, I found that SoundHound was impressive in its ability to identify both popular music and slightly more obscure tracks. In this respect, I would say it is more or less on par with competitors such as Shazam. Of course, when it comes to any extremely niche songs, though, either app would almost certainly have some trouble doing its job. One thing that does set SoundHound apart from its competitor is its ability to identify songs that you sing or hum, which is perfect for those times when you get an unidentifiable song stuck in your head.

More than just a namer of tunes, SoundHound is also good at helping users discover new music. For instance, from the Home screen, you can find the What’s Hot button, which takes you to a valuable listing of trending music on SoundHound. This page shows you hottest songs of the week, most tweeted and most ID’d songs, and newly ID’d songs. It’s nice to sift through this page to see what other users are listening to. And of course, any track you access can be shared with friends via Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and other installed applications on your device.

One thing to note is that SoundHound does come bundled with an “ID Now” Home screen widget. I would highly suggest using this, as it automatically opens up the app and starts identifying ambient music in a single tap.

◦ Blazing fast music recognition
◦ The world’s only singing and humming recognition
◦ LiveLyrics: see lyrics move in time with the music
◦ SoundHound Headlines: brings you free song streams, new artists, and more
◦ Real-time Facebook and Twitter updates from your favorite artists
◦ Facebook and Twitter sharing, listen-on-startup, and geotagging
◦ Buy links, YouTube videos, artist biographies, and much more

Whats New in latest Update of Soundhound 6.1.2 :

Dive into SoundHound with our redesigned Song, Artist, and Album pages… Immerse yourself in music search, discovery, listening, sharing, and music video watching. Enjoy!
* Song Pages
- Beautiful new photo galleries
- More relevant music videos
- Enhanced Recommended songs
* Artist Pages
- Date formed, City formed, and Biographies
- Top Songs and Videos by the Artist
- All Albums by the Artist
* Album Pages
- Album release date
- Tracks on the Album

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