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Download One touch Drawing 2.3.1 apk For Android


The latest version of One touch Drawing 2.3.1 is updated on July 30, 2014. One Touch Drawing is a fun puzzle app with one clear objective: draw the given figures with only one touch but don’t ever draw the same line twice. As you play, the figures will be harder and more complex every time, making it harder for you.You can play the normal mode or the survival one, where you are not allowed to fail, given that if you make one mistake, the game will be over. To play, you just need to drag the finger over the lines and try to have it all controlled, master the game! One Touch Drawing isn’t a drawing app. It’s a game that makes you draw a continuous line to solve hundreds of challenging puzzles. It’s a unique game that happens to be really fun to play if you like basic brain teasers.

One Touch Drawing asks you to trace a shape without repeating any lines. It lets you see the finished shape so you can think about each move before you make it. There’s an easy “reload” button in case you mess up and hints show up if you’ve failed ten times, which is helpful; but these options are only available in the regular game mode — not in the survival mode. To make up for that, the game’s regular mode offers 300 different levels in three zones. That means there’s plenty of fun to be had here, but the game will get tough if you’re not very good at geometry. The puzzles get incredibly complex very quickly.

There aren’t many games on Android that can compare to this one. One Touch Drawing is worth trying just for how different it is from other games. If you’re ready for a new challenge, this one is definitely worth a shot.There are special mode which is named as “Survival mode”. Survival mode never accept the mistake.One mistake, game over.

One Touch Drawing, a really good discovery, a brain and puzzle game that more people should be playing. We hope they decide to create more games like this, we really enjoyed this one.Draw everything with only “One touch”.Test your brain with an amazing puzzle game.Over 30 millions players can’t be wrong.

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