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Download Moon+ Reader 2.6.0 apk for Android


The latest version for Moon+ Reader 2.6.0 apk is updated on Aug 1, 2014. Moon Reader is easy to use. Select a book from a large free selection and start reading. You can highlight your favorite passages, place bookmarks, change font size and all things you could expect from a reader app. In addition, and here’s the best part of it, there are a lot of settings to redefine: how the animations work, a thorough brightness control system, a lovely Day and Night mode switch, online and offline dictionaries and the possibility of adding annotations. It supports more than twenty languages for now. We can say that Moon+ Reader can be the best e-reader around. It can be improved, though. If given the choice, we’d ask for some way to share quotes via Twitter, enlarge the catalog and, of course, to read .pdf files.

Moon+ Reader’s home screen lets you browse a bookshelf of files you’ve opened, browse your file system or open a list of five online catalogs,to which you can add your own.The Pro version has a Statistics page that shows the number of books on your shelf, read books, reading hours and pages turned.Tapping on the center of the screen or pressing the menu button while you’re reading a book displays a progress slider at the top of the screen that you can use to move around within a document. At the same time, an icon bar at the bottom lets you change display options, start autoscrolling, access bookmarks and the table of contents, and change all of the app’s settings.

Moon+’s settings are grouped into visual options, control options and miscellaneous. The visual options let you choose from among dozens of typefaces, including serif, sans serif and monospace, bold and italic, and non-Latin fonts, many for Indian languages. Sliders let you specify any solid color for the type or background, or you can pick from 10 background images,all of which are suitably muted.You can adjust font sizes, but unlike the other apps, which seem to measure font size in pixels, Moon+ seems to use points, and lets you adjust fonts in increments of 0.1 points.You can specify the width of the left, right, top and bottom margins in single-pixel increments. The font and margin controls are plus and minus buttons, so you can make things a little bigger or smaller without having to choose a particular number from a list. Also, you can animate page turns in seven different ways, or not at all.

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key features:

  • Full visual options: line space, font scale, bold, italic, shadow, justified alignment, alpha colors, fading edge etc.
  • 10+ themes embedded, includes Day & Night mode switcher.
  • Various types of paging: touch screen, volume keys or even camera, search or back keys..
  • 5 auto-scroll modes: rolling blind mode; by pixel, by line or by page. Real-time speed control.
  • Adjust the brightness by sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen, gesture commands supported.
  • Intelligent paragraph; indent paragraph; trim unwanted blank spaces options.
  • “Keep your eyes health” options for long-time reading.
  • Real page turning effect with customized speed/color/transparent; 5 page flip animations;
  • My Bookshelf design: Favorites, Downloads, Authors, Tags; self bookcover, search, import supported.
  • Justified text alignment, hyphenation mode supported.
  • Dual page mode for landscape screen & Support all four screen orientations.
  • EPUB3 multimedia content support (video and audio)
  • Backup/Restore options to cloud via DropBox, sync reading positions between phones and tablets.
  • 24 customized operations (screen-click, swipe-gesture, hardware-keys), apply to 15 customized events : search, bookmark, themes, navigation, font size and more
  • Highlight, Annotation, Dictionary (Offline or Online, support ColorDict, GoldenDict, Fora, ABBYY Lingvo, etc.), Translation, Share functions all in this ebook reader.

Additional benefits in pro version:

  • Ad-free
  • Shake the phone to speak (TTS engine support)
  • PDF support, fast & speech compatible More beautiful backgrounds, fonts and reader themes
  • Multi-point touch support
  • Option for password protection at startup
  • Headset & Bluetooth keys control
  • Book to home screen shortcut
  • Customize reader bar function
  • Annotations, highlights & bookmarks share support
  • Reading statistics function
  • Sync/Backup/Download/Upload book files via Dropbox
  • Customer email support

PDF features in Pro version:

  • Fill out PDF Form
  • Highlight, annotation, handwriting
  • Smart scroll lock, smooth reading experience
  • Night mode support, 6 additional pdf themes available
  • Dual-page mode for landscape screen
  • Speech, auto-scroll compatible
  • Read statistics, sync, flip animation available
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