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Nowadays, every Android phone sold comes with a default social network browser -see Friendshare, as an example. Some models come with a news reader, too. Pulse News mix them both into one app, allowing you to browse Facebook and Twitter but also Google’s Reader and RSS feeds. News are updated when you’re online so you can read them offline and it’s full of customizable options. And it can either become a widget or moved to your sdcard.

News can be imported from New York Times, BBC, ESPN and more than fifty news sources, organized and viewed by categories. Move smoothly from one tab to the next and save what you like most ready to share when online. LinkedIn Pulse (iOS|Android) lets you browse the news from your favorite Web sites using a new interface and connects with LinkedIn in an attempt to bring news and industry professionals together. LinkedIn acquired Pulse in April 2013, and this is the first launch of the new app.bringing the two services together, you get a couple extra features on both, but it’s important to note this isn’t a unified experience — just that each of the services get some features from the other. In the LinkedIn Pulse app, you can pull in stories from industry influencers, which can be valuable to your business or professional goals. On the LinkedIn side, you get a new section at the top of your feed that shows recommended stories from your Pulse feeds.

In bringing the two services together, the point isn’t to transfer the full functionality of LinkedIn to mobile form — there’s already a LinkedIn app for that. The new LinkedIn Pulse instead combines LinkedIn’s news features with the Pulse news aggregation functionality to create one unified content experience that is consistent across and the LinkedIn Pulse app, with your actions syncing between the two. On first blush, I didn’t really see the advantage to having the two connected, but once I saw how these new features might be used, I think I started to see what LinkedIn was trying to do.

First, let’s look at the app itself. Like previous versions of Pulse, the new LinkedIn Pulse lets you pick through news categories, then lets you select Web sites to add to your feed. News sites are laid out vertically so you can swipe up and down to get the latest headlines from all sites quickly, or you can swipe horizontally to read more stories from the same site. Each story heading has the headline and an included graphic, making for a more elegant approach than standard newsreaders that show only text links.

The bigger images give it a better look (though that’s controversial), but it also means you get fewer stories on the screen at once. I’ve already seen some complaints in the comments for LinkedIn Pulse at the App Store and Google Play, and they have a point, but I think it’s more a matter of getting used to the change rather than it taking away from your news reading.

When you touch a story headline, the app gives you a mobile-optimized version of the story for easy reading of either all or a portion of the story (depending on the requirements from the source) and a link at the bottom to view the story on the Web in the Pulse-integrated Web browser. At the top, you have buttons to give the story a thumbs-up, or comment on it, and a share button if you want to show it to someone else. When you share, you can add a comment for the recipient, then share to LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, or you can send via e-mail or SMS. These features give you more ways to interact with the stories than the old version and let you broadcast your thoughts about a story.

With so many people using LinkedIn to find work, it’s no wonder the app’s developers recently expanded LinkedIn’s mobile functionality to let you search for jobs, save jobs, and check out recommended jobs based on your background. For some listings, you can even apply with your LinkedIn profile right from the mobile app. What you still can’t do, though, is share jobs, which is an important feature for those of us who are keeping an eye out for friends.

While the LinkedIn app isn’t quite on par with the full desktop version of the site yet, recent improvements have certainly closed the gap some. It has a simple and clean interface, more powerful search than before, and new in-app job applications. With these additions, the LinkedIn mobile app should take care of most of your professional networking needs.

Features :

  • Easily browse thousands of trusted sources, from major publications and LinkedIn Influencers to blogs and beyond
  • Discover insightful content from Pulse’s comprehensive catalog of thousands of sources. New and noteworthy publishers and Influencers each week
  • Customize feeds based on your interests to get fresh, personalized content delivered daily. You can also directly import your Reader RSS feeds
  • Share with your favorite networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Tumblr
  • Sync your sources. When you login with LinkedIn you ensure that what you follow and save is available on all your devices. Saved stories can also be sent to Pocket, Evernote, Instapaper, or Readability
  • No Internet? No problem. Pulse effortlessly loads the stories you read so they’re ready whenever and wherever you are.

What’s New :

  • A new streamlined reading experience and simplified navigation make it even easier to discover compelling professional content.
  • Sign in with your LinkedIn account to easily save, discover and share with your professional network. Discuss what’s trending with millions of professionals worldwide
  • Your content, everywhere. Sign in with LinkedIn and the app will deliver articles from channels you follow on the site and people in your network.
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