Download Kids Paintings Coloring Book 2.1 apk

Download Kids Paintings Coloring Book 2.1 apk For Android


The latest version of Kids Paintings Coloring Book 2.1 is updated on July 29, 2014. Why do children use only several colors they like to color?It’s the process of developing different colors based on the colors they use often.This coloring app helps to choose suitable colors to each picture so children can draw and color easy and quickly even they are not used to touch screens.Children can naturally develope cognitive abilities by coloring. Want to be a good parent?Help children express their thoughts and feelings as much as they want.Function:- variety of neat designs- automatic coloring magic pen- twinkling stars appearKeywords:Baby, child, children, education, children, Polly, baby toys, baby toys, kids toys, children’s book, baby books, coloring games, coloring book, gifted education, infant, newborn, painting, sketch, picture games, coloring materials, paint , Figure study Content rating : Everyone

Download Kids Paintings Coloring Book 2.1 apk

Kids Paintings Coloring Book is a virtual coloring book that your fingers become pencils that give color to nice pictures with your device Android as canvas. Kids Paintings Coloring Book will find nearly 20 different pictures, such as aircraft, Palm trees, birds, flowers, cars, or fruits, all in black and white so that the children paint them without problems, since Kids Paintings Coloring Book imitates a notebook and pencils of colors. In addition, one of the templates will help you to draw. Select the color you want and move the finger across the screen. The color will appear as if your fingers were those who paint. Kids Paintings Coloring Book includes six colors by default, Eraser and the magic pencil, color changing automatically. Discover all the possibilities that your painting and drawing with Kids Paintings Coloring Book Android device.

Like I said, this is a very intuitive interface. Upon launching the App you are presented with an ornately decorated screen and the first cartoon character. A quick familiar swipe to the left will bring the next option to the screen. You continue to swipe until you find the character you wish to paint, at which point you tap to enter the painting screen. Once inside of the painting screen, the figure is devoid of all color. Your paint color options are on the right side of the screen (in horizontal viewing mode) with a small paintbrush hovering over the current selected color. Painting is easy. Once you have selected your color, you simply tap the area on your character that you want to fill with it and that area is instantly filled. Some areas (like the skin) will fill in with the same color even if the areas aren’t touching. The painting is aided by the ability to spin the figure a total 360 degrees by simply tapping on the half circle with the arrows in the upper left and upper right of the painting area. If you fill in an area by accident simply tap the undo button located in the lower left of the screen.

Ever wonder why children like to color with only a few colors? It’s due to the process of developing different colors from the colors children use often. This coloring app helps to choose suitable colors for each picture, so children can draw and color easily and quickly even if they are not familiar with touchscreens. Children can naturally develop cognitive abilities by coloring!  Be a good parent and help children express their thoughts and feelings as much as they want.


  • Easy to use
  • Good design imitating pencil and paper
  • Nearly 20 different drawings
  • A blade blank to draw

What’s New

  • Few colors available


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