Download Inspire Launcher 13.1.0 Android APK

Download Inspire Launcher 13.1.0 Android APK


Inspire Launcher is a brand new launcher based on the new KitKat Android Launcher with tons of features and customizations. It combines the major features of the most common Android Launchers with some goodies from iOS and Windows Phone. Now Redesign your home screens exactly how you want using free android launcher app Inspire Launcher.

Download Inspire free android launcher app

While this replacement launcher doesn’t look too different from the standard KitKat one at first glance, bar its colourful and flat design, it brings together some of the best features seen in other Android launchers, iOS and Windows Phone. Billed as the most customisable launcher ever, Inspire offers a cornucopia of settings to alter virtually any aspect of the way it looks and works. Inspire Launcher pushes a feature called IntelliUI, which I assume is going to be more fleshed out in the future. It offers a ‘good morning’ notification with weather and event information (a little buggy for me), as well as automatic background rotation throughout the day in the colorful Inspire style. It’s not a make-or-break sort of feature, but it’s interesting.

Long-pressing the background brings up a Google Now Launcher style screen with thumbnails of your home screens, which can then be rearranged. In addition, you can set the default one for when you press the Home button. Standard options let you change the wallpaper (image or flat colour) and add widgets, but the Settings section is where things get interesting. While a few of the settings are only unlocked by upgrading to the Prime version (£2.99/$4.99), most are available in the standard free one.

Under the Home Screen category, among other things, you can change the grid size, set the padding between icons and their size, alter text size and colour, choose the scroll effect between home screens, and either slim or remove the Google search bar. With such freedom, of course, it’s possible to make your home screen look a mess and so crammed with icons that you can’t even read their titles, so a little care is needed to get it right. Once happy with your configuration, though, you can back it up and restore it again later. So you can experiment without worrying too much.

Usefully, you can also alter the number of dock icons, plus its background and opacity. Similarly,you can change the icons and aesthetics for folders and their size; choose themes and icons packs (including those designed for Nova and Apex); and select app launch/ close animations (in Prime). You can even determine what various gestures do on the home screen. For the apps drawer, options include hiding and password-protecting certain apps and sorting them by title, launch count or install time. There’s also an optional slide-out panel where you can create custom app categories to filter those shown.

One unique feature is the Genius Center, found at the far left of the home screens. It looks rather basic at first, offering standard quick settings for Wi-Fi etc, time and date, plus a simple weather widget. Start typing in the search bar, however, and you are presented with options to search via Google, Google Images, YouTube, Play Store, Applications, Contacts, Music, plus (in Prime) Maps and Wikipedia. This is a really handy feature for finding things. Another feature of note is the Intel UI option (Prime only), which will alter your background with different flat colours depending on the time of day. It can also send you a configurable good morning notification with date and weather info. This feature seems a bit of a work in progress so far, but it will be interesting to see how it develops.

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