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Looking for Android Battery Saver Apps. Du Battery Saver apk file is best for you to download and install to save your android mobile phone battery last longer. Get up to 70% more battery life for your Android devices! Powerful battery management features and easy interface with one touch controls will end your worry of dying battery! The application has simple functionality that can help users save some battery life on their devices. It monitors the device and sees which features, functions and applications are causing major battery drain. Thereafter, it reports the same to the user and the user can in turn optimize the device with one touch. And without any power draining activity going on the device ends up saving considerable battery.

Get more battery life for your Android tablets and phones with smart pre-set battery power management modes and easy one-touch controls that solve battery problems and extend battery life. It’s the simplest way to keep your Android phone working when you need it and protect against poor charging, battery hogging apps and overlooked device settings that can shorten your battery life

The Du Battery Saver & Switch Widget has over 10 million users across the world. According to its developers, the new version of Du Battery Saver (version 3.8.0) follows a simple, streamlined approach to perform even better at saving battery life. The app optimises your device to squeeze in some additional battery by shutting down or lowering the intensity of other features. We’ve tested the free version of the the Du Battery Saver&Switch Widget for Android. Read on to know how it fares.

User interface :

The new version has introduced some cosmetic changes, and the overall user interface comes across really neat. The homepage of the app is divided into four tabular sections – Battery, Saver, Charge and Monitor. Under Battery, it shows the percentage as well as time left before your battery goes kaput. There is a prominent “Optimise” button and just a single tap on it will take you to the optimising page. The Saver section is further divided into two parts – Mode and Smart. While “Smart” section is for Pro users, the “Mode” section lets you opt for custom usage modes. For instance, Long mode keeps your calls and SMS on and shuts down mobile data. Users can even customise or add new modes as per their mobile computing needs. The “Charge” section gives some gyan about three different methods of charging and the “Monitor” section displays how much charge is being gobbled down by your apps and hardware. On the upper right side corner, it has the Settings icon, which lets you tweak the features as per your needs.

The interface is undoubtedly slick and simple. Inspite of the comprehensive set of functions, it won’t take too long to get the hang of it. Options like optimising the smartphone, tweaking the settings and swapping modes are easy to use.

Features and performance :

As soon as you install the Du Saver app, you are greeted with a three pager introduction, and then you are good to go. The Battery section shows a large battery icon along with the percentage of charge remaining. But what we really liked is its ability to reveal how many hours more your battery will last. Now, if the time left is six hours and you want it to squeeze through, say, seven hours of battery usage, then simply click on the Optimise button. With a single tap, it takes you to a page wherein you are given options such as optimise screen brightness, set the screen timeout, disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and so on. The app quickly scans your device and shows the best possible options that will help you save some battery life. You can enable these options with simple taps directly on the Optimise page. Each option you enable will add some time to the battery life. For instance, by completely optimising the phone, we managed to extend the battery life by 1 hour and 16 minutes, and on another occassion by 45 minutes. However, there is no undo or disable option on the optimising page; one will have to manually turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other features. But the “Saver” section can come to the rescue here.

The Saver section lets you choose from several battery saver modes. We really liked the Sleep mode, which disables all the power consuming features and simply keeps the clock and alarm on. This feature is also very helpful if your charging switch is away from the bed and you have to wake up in the next five or six hours. Simply optimise the phone or put it in the Sleep mode and the app will show how much power can be retained till your alarm rings. Other modes include Long mode, which only keeps calls and SMS active, and General mode, which keeps call, SMS and mobile data on. It features “My Mode”, which saves your current settings and lets you further customise them. Moreover, there is an option to create new modes and decide what features should be turned on or off. We could easily create modes and even swap between them effortlessly.

The app monitors and neatly displays which apps have been consuming your battery power. It also displays the battery consumed by other factors such as the screen, Wi-Fi, Radio, Bluetooth and so on. One will always find Du Battery notifications, giving a glance at how much battery life is left (percentage and time) at all times. Along with the battery life, it shows if key functions like calls, messages, Wi-Fi and mobile data are enabled or disabled. This ensures that you get a quick glimpse of the battery life anytime on your phone’s display.

While the app worked smoothly all the time we tested it, we did face a hiccup. While testing it on the Galaxy Nexus, the phone stopped charging altogether and we could charge the device only when the Du Battery Saver&Switch Widget app was uninstalled. We didn’t find any such issues while testing it on other devices. The app worked smoothly without any lags. The app also shows a graphical representation of your battery usage. The graph gives a clear view of how the battery life has been depleting in every six hours of the day.

Lets look at some of the best Free Features of Du Battery Saver App for Android :

● Global Saver — 17 languages supported (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, German, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and more)
● Easy & Powerful Saver — Increase your battery life by up to 50%
● Simple Saver — Use smart pre-set battery power management modes or create your own to get high performance and great battery savings
● Convenient Saver — “Optimize” desktop widget allows you to stop power-consuming background apps with a one-touch to boost your battery life
● Fast Saver — Instantly find battery power saving problems with the “Optimize” button
● Effective Saver — Protect your battery with healthy battery charging to extend life of your battery
● Adapts to You — Automatically save battery power with Smart Power settings (PRO upgrade).


● ACCURATE STATUS — Smart technology helps you know exactly how much charge you’ve got left with detailed analysis of Android apps AND hardware (CPU, display, sensors, WiFi, radio, etc.)
● SMART PRE-SET MODES — Choose mode that fits your battery power usage, or customize to find the right balance of battery life and performance using our battery saver:
– General Mode — Save battery power even while keeping most Android services running;
– Long Standby — Keeps dialing and SMS available while maximizing standby time;
– Sleep Mode — Turns off most services EXCEPT THE CLOCK to save your battery power until the morning
– Custom Mode — Create your own mode to get exactly the battery savings you need
● ONE-CLICK OPTIMIZER — Instantly discover and fix battery power-consumption problems and unlock detailed settings to super-tune your battery savings
● ANYTIME OPTIMIZATION — Manage background apps and Android phone hardware easily and safely with smart home screen widget (i.e. Battery level widget, Hardware switch widget, Mode switch widget);
● BETTER BATTERY DETAILS — Show Android phone battery power level by % or time remaining;
● HEALTHY CHARGE MANAGER— Track and implement healthy charging practices to keep your battery working at its best;

===Only for PRO===
★ Intelligent mode-switching: e.g. adjusted to Long Standby on low battery level & go into your preset mode according to your schedule;

★ Regularly closing power-draining tasks : Set the interval of background tasks cleaning; & Need to leave some apps running background? Add them into ignore list.

★ Slow down CPU during screenlock; (ROOT devices only);

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