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Color Splash Effect is a fun, easy to use Android app that allows you to convert an image to black and white and then add color back to a selected areas while offering a plethora of creative controls. There are many apps out there that allow you to do this already, but Color Me has features and benefits that are unique among image editors available for Android.Most image editors that allow you to perform the same basic processing are crippled by several critical limitations. First: it addresses a frustrating flaw in most image editors. Color Me allows you to work on multiple photos, and then save the session when you exit the app if you need to answer a call or text, or if life just gets in the way. Beyond saving your work when you leave, Color Me makes other image editors look like a usability nightmare. When you want to undo a change in most photo software, there’s a finite number of undos the program will allow you to make before it stops saving the changes you made. There’s nothing worse than changing your mind during a complicated processing session, only to find that you have to go back to the very beginning and start all over. Color Me saves you this time-consuming, hair-pulling mess and allows you to undo as many steps as you’d like.Any app developer that releases a program that only allows you to process portrait oriented photos should be ashamed of themselves. Paying money for something that can’t process the majority of your photos is maddening, but Color Me doesn’t have this limitation. In addition, it offers multiple size options to add to the versatility of the app.When working on a photo on a cell phone display, it can be difficult to see what you actually did, especially if there’s bright sunlight or if you’re on the move. Color Me allows you to mask the painted area so you can clearly see what has been altered.
Color Splash FX works by desaturating your images and allowing you to replace or change the color. This means that you can make artistic images by picking and choosing which colors you want to show through – but you’re going to need some talent to make it look good.To use Color Splash FX, you can either take a photo via the app, or import images you’ve already taken. Then, choose your brush, your colors, and get coloring! In this version, there are nine effects to apply – you’ll find them in the top-right corner. Some parts of the developer’s website suggest these effects are part of the Pro edition, but we could use them without issue in this free version of Color Splash FX.

Why Color Splash Effect is the favorable choice over other apps?

  • High Resolution export (get the most out of your images)
  • Portrait and Landscape support
  • 33 interesting and all new effects
  • 24 frames and borders
  • 18 special overlay light effects
  • 12 textures
  • Warmth adjustment
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Tablet Optimization
  • Realistic color replacement
  • Export Photos to Twitter

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