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Download Android Whatsapp Plus 5.89


The Latest version of Whatsapp Plus 5.89  is update on July 4, 2014 . We have a heads-up for Android users now, especially those who are big fans of the social messaging service Whatsapp. If you regularly customize your device and software, you may be interested in trying out the popular Whatsapp Plus app for Android that is now available to download.Unlike the official version, Whatsapp Plus will actually allow you to customize areas of the messaging app, such as being able to choose your own color themes. Digging deeper, you can also choose to change the shape of the chat bubbles if you wish, or change the color of any incoming or outgoing chats when outside of the app.The good news about Whatsapp Plus though, is that it is a trusted app. We have seen many Whatsapp viruses floating around from those downloading dubious clones, but many Android users have already tried and tested WhatsApp Plus – and love it.It’s essentially the same app as the main Whatsapp app, just with the added bonus of customization options for those that like to inject a bit of brightness into their Android app collection.

WhatsApp has become the world’s most popular as well as the most loved messenger of all times. It’s speed, ease of use and emojis (of course) impress us all. Here I’ll talk about WhatsApp for Android. What if you get a graphically better version of it? The one that you can customize? Well, most of you know it, it’s WhatsApp+ found at XDA, but those who don’t, here’s an introduction for you:

Let me show you the difference between the normal WhatsApp and WhatsApp+ :

Normal WhatsApp:
Download Whatsapp Plus 5.89
 WhatsApp+ UI:Download whatsapp plus

So, WhatsApp+ is basically a modified version of the original WhatsApp built for Android. It adds extra options to customize the user interface with the colours of your choice, transparency is also supported. From the original modder

The WhatsApp Plus version is different since the users have much more control over the theming of the app. It is not like the earlier version we had with a pre-themed version. Due to this the Android users will get attracted easily to this version. Also when compatibility is considered WhatsApp Messenger will be best messenger as it supports Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows and Nokia Phones. But as of now, the WhatsApp PLUS version is only launched for Android and that also un-official version. You can download WhatsApp Plus from here

Special Features :

  • Image quality has always been an issue with WhatsApp. While higher quality images are reduced in quality and size in the old WhatsApp, the new one does not face any such problem. Go ahead, share high quality pictures with your friends!
  • The media sharing default limit is set to 16 MB in WhatsApp+ and can be increased till 50 MB. This new setting is an advantage over the old WhatsApp, whose media uploading limit was only 12 MB.
  • Bored of refreshing your contact list and then clicking on your friend’s contact to see their current status? Well, WhatsApp+ frees you of this extra work by showing your contact’s status right below the chat.
  • The green colour of the WhatsApp icon no longer seems appealing to you? Change the colour of the WhatsApp+ icon from its default blue to red, cyan, pink, gray, orange. And if you miss the original WhatsApp icon, you can change it to green again !
  • There are innumerable themes which you can download in WhatsApp+ which wasn’t the case with the previous WhatsApp.
  • You can attach your location, send voice messages and send or forward multiple messages.
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