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Download Android Play Store 4.8.20 APK For Android


The Latest version of Android PLAY STORE 4.8.20 is update on Feb 21, 2014.Google has certainly been busy today with all sorts of Play Store improvements, and here’s a new version of the Android client to top it all off. Version 4.8.19 has started rolling out to devices, and we’ve got the APK below for you to install on your own.We’re digging in to see what’s new. We already knew about the PayPal and some UI tweaks, but it’s looking like there’s more going on Rather than batch removing (note: I’m talking about removing apps that aren’t installed from the All list here, not mass uninstalling) multiple apps in My apps -> All tab, we can now mass install them. This makes installing familiar apps on new devices a whole lot easier, though still very much time-consuming. The batch remove functionality was, well, removed. Previously, simply removing an app from the My apps -> All list forced you all the way back up to the top of the list, which was extremely annoying and unnecessary. No longer the case – the app now disappears from the list, but your position remains the same. Following the recent class action lawsuit over in-app purchases, we now have a new option to always require the account password for purchases, not just once per 30 minutes. If you have kids, you should probably turn this on now.

Download Google PLAY STORE 4.8.19 apk

Settings and Help have moved – you can now find them in the slideout navigation drawer. Other Google apps were updated in a similar fashion recently, so we completely expected the Play Store to follow suit. In related news, this means that the unnecessary overflow menu on the start screen is gone. The “widget” part of Auto-add widgets was really confusing since it was actually adding icons and not widgets. It’s all fixed now, finally. Finally, we can trigger a self-update action on the Play Store itself – just tap the Build version in the settings. This will come in super handy for fresh OS installs that ship with outdated Play Stores. Following the IAP indicator added in the previous version, another warning about IAPs is now included in the App permissions list when you press Install.

Google has pushed out an update to the Play Store with plenty of enticing new features. We’ve got the APK, so after a brief rundown of some of the more notable features (we’ll scour the APK in the coming days for any hidden goodies), we’ll give you a link to download the app for yourself. The update also brings some tweaks to the review process and its related layouts. First, the Play Store’s got a new layout for viewing your own review, and a large five-star selector if you’ve yet to rate an app. There’s also an explicit “Edit” button, which should make the ability to edit your review a little more obvious. Unlike previous versions of the Play Store, 4.5.10 allows users to delete their reviews as well. Oh, and the stars have been changed too – they’re now green, sans outline, and a bit sharper. Update: We didn’t catch this originally, but it turns out the stars are colored according to what category they belong to – Books has blue stars, Movies & TV has red stars, etc. Across all reviews (your own included), avatar images are now encapsulated in circles rather than squares. This is a small touch, but brings the app a little closer to its web counterpart.

Download Google PLAY STORE 4.8.19 apk

Elsewhere, some information and typography (related to devices, users’ names, and versions) have been adjusted. Check out the comparison images below – on the left is 4.4.22, on the right is the new version. Another addition to the Play Store is an activity feed. Essentially, the Play Store will now allow you to view and share a stream of your Play Store activity with others, all connected to your Google+ profile. This feed will show your +1s, ratings, etc. and allow you to click through to G+ profiles as well. The Play Store is also a bit more forward in providing recommendations and encouraging users to rate items, offering up items with huge star selectors to enhance the store’s suggestions for future content. To further aid you in discovering new apps or games that you’ll like, the Play Store will include items rated by your G+ contacts, and will float those contacts’ reviews to the top in individual listings.

What’s New?
One of the most exciting features packed into the 4.5.10 update is an indicator for in-app purchases. This seems to be more of a binary yes-or-no indicator (it won’t give you insight into cost or quantity of IAPs), but it’s great to see some kind of indication of whether the app you’re about to download will be asking you to make further transactions.

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