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Download Android Game Dont Tap TheWhiteTile 2.4.0 apk


The Latest version of  Dont Tap TheWhiteTile 2.4.0  is update on July 7, 2014 .Don’t Tap The White Tile is an already classic puzzle game for fans of apps based on reflexes.The only thing you need to take into account is that you shouldn’t, under any circumstances, touch the white tile. Start from the lowest black tile and keep going up, trying to play as fast as possible.Choose your preferred mode (classic, arcade, zen, rush or relay) and train your skills while having lots of fun. You can also show your friends how to play and challenge them to beat your score.Watch your step, DON’T TAP ANY WHITE TILE. This is the core rule in this additive game.

There different game modes to play, Classic mode, which takes the amount of time to tap 25 or 50 tiles, there’s also a pro mode included in this, which doesn’t have a black tile on the same column for 2 rows in a row. There is Arcade mode, in which the tiles move down toward you and you have to tap the black tiles without missing a single one while the speed gets faster; in this there is Normal mode, Faster mode and Reverse mode, the amount of tiles that you tap is your score. Thirdly there is Zen mode, this gives you a set amount of time and takes the amount of tiles that you tap in this mode for 15 or 30 seconds, there is also a pro mode which works the same as Classic’s pro mode. Next there is Rush, which starts off with a rate (3 tiles per second) and moves the tiles towards you at this rate. The rate slowly increases until you miss a tile, the score is the rate which you reach. There is a slower, normal and reverse mode for this. Finally, there is relay mode. Relay mode gives you 8, 10 or 12 seconds (you choose before you start) to reach 50 tiles, if you reach 50 tiles, it will give you another 8, 10 or 12 seconds to reach another 50 tiles and so on. The score is how many tiles you tap before you run out of time.

So there is plenty of variety for Don’t tap the white tile, and the game actually doesn’t get boring after a week like a lot of mobile games out there, this game is fun to pick up and play for maybe 5 or 10 minutes, but you’ll be back again and again! My record for Classic Pro Mode is 7.737 seconds and I keep finding myself coming back again and again. This game is also great as a play and pass with friends too. The bad stuff about this game is, that it can be frustrating if you screw up, probably a bit like Flappy Bird (although nowhere near as bad) if you nearly break your record but just miss it, you’ll feel like committing various acts of violence on your device. Also sometimes the Piano notes don’t blend that well with each other, so it can be a bit annoying to listen to for a while.

Download Dont Tap TheWhiteTile 2.4.0 apk



There are five modes in the game:

  • Classic mode, get 50 dark tiles as soon as possible.
  • Arcade mode, try your best to tap the dark tiles as many as you can, and do not miss one.
  • Zen mode, try your best to tap the black tiles as many as you can in 30 seconds.
  • Rush mode, another Arcade mode with no upper speed limited.
  • Relay mode, complete 50 tiles in 10 seconds, than you’ ll get 10 more seconds for another 50 tiles.



Features :

  • Charming piano soundtracks
  • 18 awesome game modes
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Clear user interface
  • Game Service support
  • Social network sharing
  • Colorful Themes



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