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The Opera Mini Browser for Android is now even more faster and more efficient than ever. It enables the user to surf the web on their Android device as easily as on a desktop, whilst reducing data cost by up to 90 percent by using the compression technology. The latest version of the Opera Mini let the users to enjoy a newer and faster browsing experience on the web. The latest version of it contains some of the features like OpenGLES hardware acceleration, more RTL text support, Android Beam compatibility, more Speed Dial tabs, improved tabbed browsing, and an enhanced user interface.

The user interface in Opera Mini is easy to handle. The hub of the app is the Speed Dial feature, whereby you can set one-click shortcuts for your favorite sites. Just like in the desktop version, these display thumbnail previews of the sites to make things as clear and simple as possible.

Opera Mini utilizes a tab-based interface, meaning that you can load multiple pages at once simply by clicking on the plus arrow in the top right-hand corner. Version 6 includes the ability to open links in the background, just by holding down a link and selecting ‘Open in new tab’. Long-clicking is supported with other functions such as editing a Speed Dial, and copying and pasting.

Other navigational aids include an auto-complete feature in the address bar, and a built-in search bar. Unfortunately this search bar only supports Google and is not customizable with other search engines.

Viewing pages in Opera Mini is a delight. As with the previous version, you can opt to view the whole web page on screen or simply tap to zoom in to a particular area. The latest version finally adds support for pinch-to-zoom, provided you have a multi-touch device that supports this features. If not, you can zoom incrementally.

Some of the key features of the Opera Mini are as follows :-

*Fast browsing: Content-heavy webpages with lots of images and graphics load in a snap. We compress data at a blazing speed, so you can browse faster and better.
*Data savings: Opera Mini uses up to 90% less data than other web browsers, giving you faster, cheaper internet.
*Simple: Bigger buttons and a clear layout make Opera Mini easy for everyone to use.
*Social: Opera Mini plays well with others. It works on just about any mobile phone that can connect to the internet!
*Safe browsing: With Opera’s focus on security and data privacy, you can safely browse the internet.

So from above all the features one can say that Opera Mini is perhaps the compact Web browser you can use for your Android device. When you open up the Opera Mini it will land you in the Quick Launch Menu. The faster and the lighter feature of the Opera Mini will allow you to load the pages very fast as compared to the other browsers with the same data transfer speed.

The size of the browser is just the 900KB. And at this size its one of the fastest browser for Android. The Opera Mini browser also comes in handy when your pocket money is concerned. Because it reduces the data cost by almost 90% with its unique compression technology.

Whats New in Latest Update of Opera Mini 7.5.5 Update :

This latest version of Opera Mini contains a variety of bug fixes, along with stability and performance improvements. Opera Mini 7.5.5 makes your Android device smarter with Smart Page. It gives you a dashboard view of the latest activity on your social networks, along with automatic news feeds from your favorite sites. Need a sneak peek or the full update? You’ll be able to stay informed about everything that matters to you.

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