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Duolingo 2.5.2 – Free Android Language Learning App


Curious to learn new languages? And want that thing right in you’re smartphone. Then Duolingo 2.5.2 apk is the app that will end youre search. A host of new languages placed at your fingertips, Duolingo uses a great game-like interface to help you pick up phrases and ultimately become fluent. There are achievements and levels to unlock as you progress. Duolingo off ers free courses in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. To learn a language you have match images with text, translate sentences and speak phrases out loud. Earn points as you go to compete against your Facebook friends top the leaderboard. The latest Duolingo 2.5.2 update is released on 5 June 2014.

Duolingo App Android Review Rating

One of the most innovative apps of the year, Duolingo brings the art of multilingualism to smartphones.

The teaching style you’ll encounter in Duolingo app is quick, upbeat, and forgiving. It rarely explains the grammatical logic behind a new concept. It just throws you into the pool and, when you can’t swim, scoops you up and throws you in again – until you find to your amazement that you can suddenly float on your own. Like Rosetta Stone, Duolingo associates photos with nouns to aid your memory. Unlike those secondary-school French lesson, it does not force you to conjugate verbs with rote recitations.

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