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Do you want to play a game or two of BlackJack in your Android phone or tablet? Do you want it to be a free game. Then BlackJack 21 is the perfect game for you. Search for the game in your Play Store or click the link at the end of this post to get this game. Real Blackjack brings the classic casino card game to your Android phone. Real Blackjack tests your luck and your skill as you play against the house for imaginary winnings.

Play BlackJack easily on your android device with this game. Once you load the game, you get a certain amount of credits. The credits will be used by you to bet in the games of BlackJack. You will place the bet, increasing or decreasing the amount as per your wish. you can also double bet. Then hit the deal button and the dealer deals the cards. The rule of the thumb is to get the cards to add up and their sums to be as close to 21 as possible. If you are satisfied with the card then you can stand or if you think you can get better cards, then press on hit and the dealer will give you one additional card. Do this until you finally decide to stand. Then it is the dealers turn. Whoever gets the closest amount to 21 will win.

Also remember the always winning card of this game is when you get a BlackJack. That is when you get an Ace and a Queen card. This card makes you win instantly. Pray for it. Also, I request you to be easy on the credits as they might run out if you play carelessly. You can always buy more but I am a bit skeptical about buying virtual points for real world money.

Real Blackjack’s clean and intuitive interface gets the chips flowing quickly. You begin with a bank of 500. Tap the chips at the bottom of your screen to place your bet. Tap Deal and your hand appears.

Real Blackjack follows standard casino rules, such as the house must take a card on 16 and can’t take a card on 17. When your hand is dealt you have five choices: take a hit, stand, double down, surrender, or split your hand if you have two cards of the same value. You can buy insurance if the dealer shows an ace in order to hedge your bet if the dealer gets blackjack.

Once the hand is over, touch your phone’s screen to place another bet, and play another hand. Had a good run and want to bank your winnings? Real Blackjack lets you bank your credits so you can draw on them as you wish.

Real Blackjack features numerous ways to customize the game to suit your tastes. You can select the number of decks in the dealer’s shoe, choose to have the dealer stand on soft 17s, set double-down options, among many others. The game provides an overview of basic blackjack strategy and a detailed help tab covering the rules of the game.

Now, get ready to play BlackJack 21 Free in your Android device.


Blackjack naturally has a ‘one-more-go’ feel to it and as the game is so easy to play, it becomes quite a potent and addictive mix. There’s lots of tables to play at and big-prize tournaments to get involved in so if Blackjack is a passion of yours, this could be just what you’re looking for. Live Blackjack 21 Pro is not only captivating, but also a fun way to enjoy playing cards.


While not the scruffy 3D we saw with Ban Luck 3D, Live Blackjack 21Pro is beautiful to look at an interact with. The transitions and animations are slick and very smooth. Despite being a live environment, the game is very speedy- I never noticed any slowed down gameplay or unresponsive elements at all. It all feels profoundly natural and intuitive.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

You can set the game to emit small sounds or vibrate if you wish although I found this didn’t add much to the gameplay. These include swishing dealing sounds, clicks when you upgrade your bet and small beeps when it is your turn. It’s a function, however, and I’m sure it will be of benefit to some gamers.

Whats New in Latest Update of BlackJack 21 1.115 :

  • v.115 NEW FEATURE – CLUBS!
  • Work with your club to earn bonuses! Top players and club members win even MORE FREE CHIPS!

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