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Black Jack 21 Live Pro v4.1.1

Looking for some classic & most interesting android based card casino game, ok than you must have to try Black Jack 21 Live Pro android game. It has lots engagement to make you entertain & time pass in Card Based Android Games…Enjoy playing with other smart gamers from all over the world on over 100 table levels in a sleek, casino environment earning credits as you win, if you can! This is the most authentic four deck shuffle Black Jack on Android where your score can be placed in an international score board so lets see if you are best from your country.

Live Blackjack 21 Pro is a polished and popular Blackjack game on Android. Playing against a large online community in addition to finding additional friends playing on the Papaya Mobile network, and boasting a diverse range of options and slick graphics, it can perhaps be considered one of the best card games available on the Market.

You can log in as a ‘Guest’, or through your ‘Facebook’ or ‘Abzorba’ account and meet new friends, chat and even send private messages with players at each table in real time. That’s right, you can test your skills against actual gamers all across the world and, what’s more, you can even invite your friends to join you and, of course, you can post your results on Facebook and Twitter too. So join us in a game now and enter the free AbZorba Chips Competition for your chance to win the weekly 500,000 free chips. Its fun, you bet!


Live Blackjack 21 Pro is an extremely slick and responsive Blackjack game for Android. Live BlackJack 21 Pro places players in a rich and polished environment; with loads of tables and tournaments to get involved with. There are seemingly thousands of players using the game and I never found myself without someone to play with.

You can view scoreboards, earn and win more chips and accumulate experience points as you progress. With progress comes the accolade of being able to play in the higher-profile tournaments. Experience levels progress from Iron, to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. As gameplay is quite immersive it’s not long before you find your self accumulating experience and rising though the ranks.

We recently reviewed Ban Luck 3D and, while gameplay is not in three dimensions, it’s easy to see there is more going for Live Blackjack 21 Pro in terms of playability and options. You feel a genuine ability to integrate with the community on the game, and you can log in using your Papaya Mobile credentials or Facebook details. In-play chat is also a neat feature which further enhances this.

If you’re a big fan of Blackjack and are looking for a busy and thriving online environment to play the game, you should definitely give Live Blackjack 21 Pro a go. It’s a superb game with lots of features and has a fresh user interface.

Fun Factor:

While this will hinge, for the gamer, on whether s/he likes blackjack, the environment in which the basic game is immersed is pretty impressive. With such a community and wide range of options, the game is lots of fun and an easy and relaxed way to kill time.


Blackjack naturally has a ‘one-more-go’ feel to it and as the game is so easy to play, it becomes quite a potent and addictive mix. There’s lots of tables to play at and big-prize tournaments to get involved in so if Blackjack is a passion of yours, this could be just what you’re looking for. Live Blackjack 21 Pro is not only captivating, but also a fun way to enjoy playing cards.


While not the scruffy 3D we saw with Ban Luck 3D, Live Blackjack 21Pro is beautiful to look at an interact with. The transitions and animations are slick and very smooth. Despite being a live environment, the game is very speedy- I never noticed any slowed down gameplay or unresponsive elements at all. It all feels profoundly natural and intuitive.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

You can set the game to emit small sounds or vibrate if you wish although I found this didn’t add much to the gameplay. These include swishing dealing sounds, clicks when you upgrade your bet and small beeps when it is your turn. It’s a function, however, and I’m sure it will be of benefit to some gamers.

Lets Look at some of the screenshot of Black Jack 21 Live Pro Android Casino Based card Game on Mobile Device Interface.


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