When talking about android based browser it only about Google Chrome and UC Browser. Both of this android mobile browser are so powerful and also have lots functionality. So Which is Your favorite browser for android ? Google chrome or UC Browser ?



For some time now online storage (or the cloud) has taken the place of our usual hard drive memory and we’re all the happier for it. Android mobile and Android OS are so convinient for users for accessing cloud storage data. Most of android user already used either of the cloud storage file service, google drive or DropBox. So in this POLL QUESTION 4 – please poll for which is your favorite cloud Storage service ? DropBox or Google Drive ?

It is oh so easy to simply connect to Google Drive from anywhere to find all our personal documents, photos, videos and more. The most popular Android services out there are Dropbox (that offers 2 GB of free storage), and Google Drive (which offers 15 GB free). But the Google Play Store is full of cloud tools, perhaps lesser known than the Dropbox/Drive dynamic duo, but which are equally free and some with much more space.

DropBox – One of the best Android apps for people who work online or do a lot of business over the Internet is Dropbox, simply because it’s one of the most popular. Many of us already use the Dropbox feature for PC’s to share information and now the service spreads among Android devices. Dropbox users are granted 2GB of free space initially with the ability to move up to as much as 16GB. Any type of file that is stored on a computer can be saved to Dropbox including Word documents, pictures, and even videos.