Android Paypal 5.10.1 apk file Update

Android Paypal 5.10.1 Update


Looking for Paypal App for Android ? Here we have the latest paypal 5.10.1 apk file download with latest update from google play app store. Paypal worlds most famous online way of money transfer and money payment platform. PayPal for Android combines all of the features you use most on the Web with some new ways to pay, specifically added for smartphones. It’s the most popular way to pay online for a reason, and this app is a seamless display of everything the service can do. If you buy things online — or your favorite businesses use it instead of Square — it’s a nearly flawless download.

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If you’re one of the few people who don’t have a PayPal account, you can sign up right from the app. When you sign in, PayPal for Android may text you with an authorization code to make sure it’s actually you. From there, you can do anything you’d do on the Web version of PayPal. That includes sending and receiving money, checking your balance and recent transactions, and even updating your payment methods. Like many banking apps, you can snap a picture of a check for a quick deposit into your account. When you make a deposit, your account is updated in seconds. If a local business near you accepts PayPal, you can unlock special perks or pay for goods in real life using your balance, too. All of these features are presented in a layout that actually looks better than PayPal’s Web layout.

If you use the service enough to even think about downloading this app, you probably should. PayPal for Android has enough features to get you excited, but is familiar enough to let you get your account up and running in a few seconds.

“ With PayPal for Android, enjoy PayPal on-the-go. You can send and request money, check your balance, withdraw funds, or view past transactions–anytime, anywhere. Your financial information is always safe and secure with PayPal.

The new design also features a Profile section where users can link their PayPal account to a credit or debit card by manually entering details or simply taking a picture of the card. It also uses the device’s camera to add a photo of the user, which comes in handy with the new PayHere feature. Though PayPal offers a separate app for using PayPal to pay for physical goods or services at select merchants, the main Android app can locate nearby merchants who accept PayHere. Users can drag a marker to check-in to a location and inform merchants that they will pay with PayPal. A photo is sent to the seller to make the customer more recognizable. PayPal is available now for Android 2.2 or higher devices.

The future of money is changing. With so many payment methods, what you need is a smarter and more secure way to pay.

Think of your PayPal account as a place, where you can more securely store your financial and personal information. With PayPal, you have the freedom and flexibility to pay the way you want, while keeping your financial information more secure.

Latest Paypal for Android is Released on December 19, 2014 with Paypal 5.10.1 Update version

paypal wallet androidPay however you want

You should be able to pay on your terms. That’s why PayPal gives you the flexibility to choose the best payment method for you. You can choose how you want to pay, using your credit/debit cards to continue to earn your card rewards, and never have to worry about keeping money in your PayPal account.


paypal android app usageEasy to use

We try to keep it simple – use PayPal to shop and pay for the things you love and receive payments for items you sell online. You can also use PayPal at thousands of your favourite online stores – just look for the PayPal button when you check out at millions of online stores.



paypal wallet app for android

More secure

So why use PayPal and not your credit card directly? Because PayPal provides an extra layer of security for your eligible items with our Buyer Protection. What’s more? We use the industry-leading data encryption technologies and our dedicated team of anti-fraud specialists work round-the-clock to ensure the highest level of security.


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