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Neon Alarm Free v3.0.2


Neon alarm clock is alarm clock with simple design and smart functions. Intuitive controls makes clear and easy way to set your alarm.Neon Alarm clock will amaze you with incredible functions like gentle mode, great night mode, flip or shake function, colors themes and more cool stuff. So wake up with Neon alarm!

When you touch an alarm to activate it, the coloured circle goes from a muted colour to bright. It should be garish, but it isn’t. What it is, is easy to confirm whether the particular alarm is activated. The settings option for each alarm is easily reachable by using a long press. There’s a subtle vibration to confirm you’re about to enter the settings mode.

There are 7 options to tweak your alarm. Obviously you get to choose the time of the alarm with a simple 24 hour/minutes combo. As well as turning it off and on, you can set the alarm tone, and the volume of the alarm. A Gentle option which ramps up the alarm, and a Vibrate option.

There’s also an option to select days if you want repetitive alerts, for instance if you only want weekdays or for the same day every week. Useful for when you need to remember to pick up the child for ballet or football practise. Again, the free version only gives you the option of 2 minutes or half an hour. Personally those options are too restrictive, but again the paid version of the app is supposed to come to the rescue.

When the alarm goes off, you’ve got to ways to interact with the phone, another nice touch. For those who are up and aware from the first instant, you can open your peepers and use the slider at the bottom of the screen to either snooze or turn the alarm off. There are those of us who aren’t so good at the beginning of any given day. We have the option to turn the ringing buzzing horror of an alarm off by flipping the phone over. If we need to turn it off, then you can pick the horrible noisy device up and shake it until it stops. Both of them are nice touches. You have to have enough presence of mind to shake the phone in the first place, if you’re up for that much activity, you’re awake.

» Features :
– Support custom MP3
– Set various color
– Gentle mode (volume increase to set max volume)
– Flip to snooze – if you can snooze alarm just flip phone
– Turn off by shaking – alarm can be turn off simply shaking
– Modern wake up screen
– Vibration turn on / off
– Support 12/24 hour format
– Set your own volume every alarm
– Set to repeat on specific days
– Show next alarm in locksreen (when supported from lockscreen)

» FAQ :

  • SETTINGS – click on ring on the top( you will be in settings time clock) and middle down you will see EDIT
  • GENTLE – function, which is increasing your melody to your set volume ( if you have gentle as YES , you can´t hear any voice for a while )
  • TRANSLATE – 30+ languages
    (EN, RU, ES, IT, FR, DE, PT, CZ, SK, PL, AR, HU, VI, FI, GRK, ID, JAP, ZH, TH-TW, ID…)


  • Do you have SONY- stamina mode? If yes, go to options to stamina mode and set Neon Alarm as ACTIVE ( Stamina mode disables your scheduled alarm clock, so the alarm clock doesn´t ringing at the morning)
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