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The latest version for Shazam is updated on  January 27, 2015. Shazam іѕ іn fасt a аudіо rесоgnіtіоn service that реrmіt уоu tо hоld uр уоur сеllulаr рhоnе whіlе thе track is tаkіng part іn. Here we have the latest update of shazam apk file release of date January 27, 2015. Yоu аrе capable оf buу thе trасk, tаg ѕоngѕ, rеаd аlbum reviews аnd аrtіѕt bios аnd dеfіnіtеlу, bеlt out thе ѕоng’ѕ lуrісѕ. Thіѕ bеѕt аndrоіd apps truly іnсludеѕ a social feature thаt enables you tо ѕhаrе tаggеd ѕоngѕ wіth friends аnd сhесk out whаt thеу’vе tagged аlѕо.


An extraordinary app, Shazam can identify songs by listening to them for a few seconds. Ever have that moment where you are driving along and a song comes on that you really like but can’t figure out who the artist is, or what the title of the song is for that matter? Shazam has your back.

Shazam offers Android users the opportunity to tag music, which listens to a 10 second snippet of the song, and does the searching for you. Within about 30 seconds, the song with all the information you need is tagged and stored in the application so you can go back at your convenience and download the song. Shazam also gives you the option to search the Amazon MP3 store, do a search on YouTube to view the music video directly from the app, or visit the artist’s MySpace page.

If you’re in the US you can now use Shazam to tag TV shows – ANYTIME, ANY SHOW!


It doesn’t matter if you’re channel surfing or tuned in to your favorite show, use Shazam to get more about what you’re watching, as you’re watching it!

• Music in the show: See all the songs featured in the broadcast
• Celebrity Buzz: Find all the latest entertainment news – and gossip! – about the cast, guests and show
• Trivia: Get the lowdown on fun facts and “did you knows”
• Social Sharing: See what the cast and celebs are tweeting, or tweet what you’re thinking

Get all this cool stuff, and more, straight to your phone – all in just a few seconds after pressing one button to Shazam it!

If Shazam is already your favorite music app, we’re hoping it will now be your favorite TV companion app…. Are you ready to give it a try?

Once you’ve Shazamed something, you can:

– Buy tracks on Amazon MP3 or Google Play
– Available for all Android tablets
– Watch the videos on YouTube
– See what your friends have Shazamed
– Use LyricPlay to sing along to streamed lyrics
– Listen to the music you Shazam in Radio or Spotify
– Check out the artist’s bio and discography

Whats New in Shazam :

  • News just got a whole new look. We’ve made some design improvements to your app News feed to make it even easier to see more from artists you’ve Shazamed – like new tracks and exclusive videos – and stay up to date with what your friends discover with Shazam. There are also performance improvements.
  • Got a question? Take a look at our community pages on and don’t forget to follow @shazam to keep up to date with all the latest news.
  • Happy Shazaming!
There’s more in the news feed from artists you’ve Shazamed, like new track / album releases and exclusive video content. Connect to Facebook (if you haven’t already) to see what your friends are Shazaming and share your discoveries with them. Shazaming your favorite TV show is better than ever with a new result page and easier access to music from the show. You’ll also be able to see a full cast list, read about the show and catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip.

NOTE : Please read more about shazam before use at Its Official site : . MIPS devices are not supported. Why does Shazam need these app permissions?

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