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Out with the old, and in with the new. October’s gone, but Christmas is right around the corner. Developer Rovio acknowledges this by changing the name of the Angry Birds Halloween to Angry Birds Seasons and adding a new pack of 25 wintry levels to the game. But there’s a catch… When you open the app now, you can choose to play the Halloween levels or the new Christmas-themed ones. Tap the Christmas button, and you’re brought to an advent calendar with 25 level slots, one for each day in December through Christmas. The catch is that you can’t play through them all immediately. Instead, one new level will be unlocked every day until Santa comes. Note that you do need a Wi-Fi connection to get the new levels.

This is a really cute idea, and a great way to keep you coming back to the game day after day. So far the levels have been fairly tricky, but since you have all day to work on them, you can take your time. Best of all, you don’t need to have beaten the previous levels to play the new ones. This update brings enough to the game that we can now safely consider it a Must Have. If you like Angry Birds (and who doesn’t?) you’ll be pleased with Angry Birds Seasons.

Angry Birds Seasons takes the captivating gameplay of the original to a whole new level! From Halloween to Chinese New Year, the birds are celebrating different festive seasons around the world! With more than 300 levels and regular free updates, these special episodes offer more challenging levels of pig-popping action and golden eggs to discover.

Angry Birds Seasons is definitely a keeper for those who have never experienced it before. It features colourful characters, unique challenges and an extremely addictive style of gameplay, which makes me wonder why I have never ventured into the realm of Birds that are Angry. Angry Birds Seasons sounds great! I especially enjoyed the sound of the slingshot when it shoots an Angry Bird toward a variety of grunting pigs. This is especially entertaining when an Angry Bird makes contact to the structures housing the Pigs, as you can hear the sound of breaking glass and the structure falling to pieces.

However, Angry Birds Seasons is not nearly as simple as that. In fact, it’s not simple at all; this game contains some of the hardest puzzles ever formed in the series. This can be both good and bad. If the other titles in Angry Birds just don’t pose any sort of challenge to you, then this one might just be the ticket. On the other hand, it can also be incredibly frustrating.

Pros :

  •     Boasts a wide variety of themes.
  •     Includes some of the most challenging puzzles in the series yet.
  •     Frequent updates add more levels.
  •     Brilliant soundtrack.

Cons :

  •     The presentation may not have aged too well.
  •     Doesn’t shake up the old formula.
  •     It can get frustrating.

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