Android Cut The Rope Time Travel 1.4 apk update

Android Cut The Rope Time Travel 1.4


The original Cut the Rope has been a rousing success. Known for its simple yet challenging gameplay and adorable animation style, the game was a hit with all age groups. It later spawned a sequel in the form of Cut the Rope: Experiments, which introduced new levels and gameplay mechanics.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel borrows much from the previous two games. The main difference here is, however, there are two hungry monsters to feed. The premise is that the game’s protagonist Om Nom has gone back in time and comes across his ancestors, a different one in each level. So you now have two monsters in each level and two candies to feed to each of them. You have to feed them individually and you can’t just feed one monster both candies. Also, if you drop either or both the game ends.

Once you wrap your mind around this concept the rest of the game is classic Cut the Rope. There are several new mechanics, involving metal chains that can only be cut using blades, ability to pause time and freeze candy and other objects mid-air, bombs that explode when you drop candy on them and the resultant explosion can then be used to propel the candy to a desired point, flying candy that floats around and follows the motion of the other, regular candy and a large clock that can be used to move some of the objects on the screen around. My favorite, however, is the one where you have just one monster on the screen at a time and you have to use the candy to flick a switch on the screen for the other one to appear from behind a stone platform.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a decent mobile game that is sure to appeal to those who enjoyed the previous entries in the series. It’s a bit of a shame that Zeptolab isn’t really trying anything drastically new with this title, but it’s understandable that the team would want to revisit their most successful franchise — and it’s been two years since the last new Cut the Rope game, too. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is very much playing it safe, then, but in doing so it’s likely to enjoy some strong success among a large number of mobile gamers.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel has the same high production values as its predecessors, and the same warmth too. You can’t help but like Om Nom and his companions, and the cartoon world they inhabit is a joy to interact with. The soundtrack is a sly nod to the Back to the Future films, the bright colours and gorgeous animations are infectious, and the puzzles are never so fiendishly difficult that you’ll give up in a sulk.

Yes, it’s more Cut the Rope, and yes, if you didn’t like the original games you’re going to dislike this one too. The early levels can be a little samey, and while there are six worlds to work through you’ll have finished them in a couple of hours. Still, it’s hard to think of a recent example of mainstream, casual physics puzzling that’s quite so enjoyable. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a whole heap of fun, pure and simple, and quite often that’s all you want from your smartphone games.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel takes a few of our favorite things: ancient history, advanced physics, and candy; and brings them together in another of our favorite things, an Android game. In Cut the Rope, you’ll travel back in time to help Om Nom feed candy to hungry ancestors in six fun new scenarios. ZeptoLabs’ free app is suitable for both phones and tablets.

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