HTC One Gold with Latest Update of Android…!

HTC Company have revealed before the limited plated with real gold of her famous HTC One at a price of more than $ 4,400, HTC Company has returned today to reveal a golden version of the HTC One as well, But this time in which we have introduced to this...
Posted On 19 Jan 2014
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Latest News about Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and Eye Scanning

Samsung have revealed the new Galaxy Grand 2, which is the new generation of its phone which was launched last year and which carries the same name. The new phone is presented with a large screen and medium specifications. The phone “Galaxy Grand 2”is...
Posted On 19 Jan 2014
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5 Solid Reason : Why Android Apps are so popular today

Each uѕеr, nоwаdауѕ, hаѕ орtіоnѕ tо сhооѕе frоm a variety of mobile dеvісеѕ runnіng оn dіffеrеnt operating systems. But thе Android, lаunсhеd by Google оn 21ѕt October 2008, іѕ hugеlу рорulаr іn соmраrіѕоn to оthеr popular mоbіlе ореrаtіng systems. Unlike...
Posted On 20 Nov 2013
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LG G Flex with the Curved Screen and the Technology (Self-Healing)

LG Company is moving at a steady pace toward finding a remarkable place in the world of smart phones. The company, which did not have a great public interest and attention in their phones two years ago, has become to be a special company which succeeded...
Posted On 19 Nov 2013
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LG G Flex Mobile Phone Technical Specification

Hey dear friends… Are you looking for New upcoming android smart phone from LG.. ie LG G Flex. Here we have the full technical specification of LG G Flex Smart Android Mobile Phone from LG. CLICK HERE TO READ :  ALL ABOUT NEW UPCOMING LG G FLEX...
Posted On 19 Nov 2013
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LG G Flex Photo

Are You Looking for LG G Flex Images ? or Want High Quality Images of  New Upcoming Mobile LG G Flex Photo ? Here we have the best posed images of LG g flex mobile phone… CLICK HERE TO READ : ALL ABOUT NEW UPCOMING LG G FLEX MOBILE PHONE  ...
Posted On 19 Nov 2013
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Top Most Selling & Popular Android Device / Mobile Phone in US

Aspirational phones like the Galaxy S3 may generate a lot of news, but what phones do the majority of folks in the U.S. actually use? A company called Handset Detection – which monitors device use and sells the data to app developers – has been tracking...
Posted On 23 Oct 2013
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Android and Google : The Partnership of the Future

Is no big secret that Google has been leading the charge in the ever changing world of the Internet through its partnership with the Android OS, affecting nearly all aspects of search engine optimization, web design, online marketing, and mobile media. ...
Posted On 19 Oct 2013
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TOP Secret Dialling Codes For Android Mobile

Built in to the Android OS are a series of dialling codes that when entered will activate a number of hidden features and settings that you can take a look at on your phone. To get them to work, type them exactly as you see below, and wait a few seconds...
Posted On 14 Oct 2013
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Android Platforms to replace the PC ?

According to its developers. the Ubuntu operating system could be the next step in getting our Android platforms to replace the PC entirely. Ubuntu is a free and open-source operating system, based on Linux, that has an estimated 20 million users....
Posted On 14 Oct 2013
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