Winamp v1.4.14

Winamp, one of the best and most powerful music media player for Android.  Winamp apk is android apk file package to install android based music media player on android powered mobile phone. Released just in time for the MP3 revolution way back in 1997,...
Posted On 14 Oct 2013
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Android Junk Files Cleaner (Free) v1.01

Android Junk Files Cleaner is an android system tool which can clean history ,protect your personal privacy , save your disk space ,make your phone’s speed more faster. Android has lots of functionality and to provide this function it uses lot of...
Posted On 14 Oct 2013
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TOP Secret Dialling Codes For Android Mobile

Built in to the Android OS are a series of dialling codes that when entered will activate a number of hidden features and settings that you can take a look at on your phone. To get them to work, type them exactly as you see below, and wait a few seconds...
Posted On 14 Oct 2013
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Android Platforms to replace the PC ?

According to its developers. the Ubuntu operating system could be the next step in getting our Android platforms to replace the PC entirely. Ubuntu is a free and open-source operating system, based on Linux, that has an estimated 20 million users....
Posted On 14 Oct 2013
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